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Why Burano


Burano, Italy

Burano Doors takes its inspiration from the small island town of Burano, Italy, near Venice.  Burano, Italy is known for the small, brightly painted houses and front entrance doors that adorn its winding cobblestone streets and reflect in the aquamarine waters of its channels.

The colour of each house and front door are unique and follow a specific system originating from the golden age of its development in the 16th century.  In fact, if a resident wishes to paint their home or door, a local government body must pre-approve the colour chosen and will often make the selection for the homeowner, based on colours allowed for that particular lot of homes.

As a result, Burano is widely considered one of the 10 most colourful cities in the world.  This is no cookie-cutter town.

At Burano Doors, we are not cookie-cutter either.  We hand craft highly customized steel and fibreglass door systems as unique and intriguing as the ones that you will see on the romantic and historic streets of its namesake.

Whether you choose paintable and stainable cellular pvc frames and brickmoulds that require no maintenance and will last for decades, or steel clad wood frames which can also be finished in any colour you can imagine, Burano can make your front entrance system as stunningly unique and beautiful as the doors in Burano.  Add in an almost endless selection of glass options and accessories and you will soon see why we say, Beauty Begins at Your Doorstep.


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