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Storm Doors in Toronto

If you are looking to add extra security, functionality, and energy-efficiency to your entryway door in Toronto, a storm door could be the perfect solution for your home. These ingenious doors provide an extra barrier between your front door and the outside elements, whether that is the summer heat or the chilling winter winds. It also allows for extra visibility, allowing you to keep an eye on your children while they play outside or to allow more natural light into your home. Having an extra layer of protection also adds security to your home and can increase the value of your property on the hot Toronto market.

Burano Doors specialises in custom door designs, of which storm doors are classic and durable because they offer complete visibility to the outside using clear glass panes. Constructed with high quality tempered energy-efficient glass, storm doors in Toronto also come with industry-leading locking mechanisms to provide you with extra security. This feature allows you to screen unwanted visitors without opening up your home , and provides added protection against break ins. A storm door is a no-brainer for those looking for a more secure and function home door in Toronto.

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Burano’s energy-efficient storms doors feature:

  • Aluminum reinforcements to provide enhanced stability and security.
  • Fusion welded, 45-degree corners, with mechanically fastened 90-degree aluminum angle brackets for additional strength.
  • Pre-hung frame made from high grade aluminum to simple installation.
  • Easily customisable with either a brass, silver, or oil-rubbed bronze elite lever handle plus matching door sweep.
  • Durable royal bond paint finish, available in standard paint finishes.
  • Colour and finish can be customised upon request.

The benefits of storm doors are many but the features above make storm doors the perfect option to replace your existing doors. At Burano Doors, we believe in ultra low maintenance and high build quality for all of our storm doors. When you choose one of our storm doors, you’ll be getting one of the most resilient and long lasting doors on the market, giving you years of worry-free use. Our endless range of configuration options means we are able to fit your new door to any style, from modern European to traditional Victorian. Just give one of our professional dedicated door experts a call and we will help you get the door you need.

A storm door is an exterior door that is attached to the outside of your main door front door. They are usually made of aluminum or vinyl and designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate – protecting your home against air and water leaks and adding an extra layer of security.

Our custom selection of storm doors allow us to meet your unique style requirements without compromising functionality and value. We offer:

A wide variety of colours to choose from, including colour match options, custom sizes enhanced security options, all our products are manufactured to ensure durability and longevity. With Canadian-made, high-performance storm doors and expert installation, we offer unparalleled value to Ontario and Canadian homeowners.

Burano Doors also offers completely custom made porch enclosures for our valued customers. Our enclosures are constructed with 2” heavy wall extruded aluminum frames that offer enhanced security and insulation. This frame can be configured with any of our storm doors, whether you value more natural light and visibility, or privacy and seclusion. A porch enclosure is a great option for anyone looking to create an airlock between the harsh winter weather, or protect against mosquitos during the warmer months.

If you are struggling to find the right solution for your home, contact Burano Doors and let one of our door experts assist you. Our dedicated team is highly experienced and professional in asking the right questions and connecting you with a door that meets your needs. We pride ourself on providing the best professional advice for any project, and will take the time to answer every question you might have. Our team has been helping find homeowners in Toronto doors for decades, and we would love to help you find your new home door too. That’s why we’re known as one of the leading home door manufacturers in Toronto. You won’t find a better customer experience anywhere else!

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Storm door installation

We infuse quality into every step of the manufacturing process, from our choice of materials to our choice of hardware.

Our storm doors are manufactured with aluminum stiffeners throughout for enhanced strength and longevity. Each door includes 45 degree corners with 90 degree aluminum angle brackets. Prehung storm doors allow for easy installation and a secure fit onto your home’s door frame.

We offer you with the flexibility to customize your storm door. Our storm doors come in a variety of styles with the ability to customize many details, including colours and finish. Choose from brass, silver, or oil-rubbed bronze for your elite lever handle, all of which come with a matching door sweep. Our porch enclosures are constructed with a thick extruded aluminum frame for increased durability and protection.

At Burano Doors, we offer Energy Star approved products that are laboratory tested and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Our products are 100% Canadian-made.

We offer the leading Canadian storm doors on the market alongside expert, professional storm door installation. Expert installation is absolutely necessary to get the most out of your storm door, which is why we employ trained professional installers who provide excellent customer service, and are highly efficient at every step of the storm door installation process.

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Shaker Front Door Designs - Burano Doors
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