Sliding Patio & Garden Doors

Being able to open up your home to your backyard or patio is a joy many homeowners wish they could experience. With Burano Doors sliding patio and garden doors, that can become a reality! Our doors are engineered to be highly resistant, low maintenance, and effortlessly chic ensuring your home looks and feel beautiful year round.

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Imagine Gliding Door

If you are looking for the convenience of a sliding door but the elegance of traditional French doors, our Imagine Gliding Doors are the perfect solution.

Offered in a wide variety of styles and colours, the Imagine Gliding Doors a maintenance free and extremely resistant, making them the idea home door in Toronto.

Opus Sliding Door Toronto

Opus Sliding Door

Expert engineering and easy installation come together in our Opus Sliding Door. Featuring an exclusive nylon screen roller system and spring-loaded suspension, this is the ideal door in Toronto for those warm summers in the 6ix.

Performer Sliding Door Toronto

Performer Sliding Door

For the customer that refuses to compromise on quality or design, the Performer Sliding Door is the ultimate in luxury, engineering and performance.

Featuring best in class construction and styling, the Performer Sliding Door delivers the outdoors into your home with elegance. Incredibly sleek and highly durable, this home door in Toronto is an absolute must for patio season.

Trust the best home door manufacturers in Toronto with your new patio door and you’ll also be purchasing peace of mind and security for years to come.

Sliding and Garden Doors

Every one of our sliding patio and garden doors is built from the ground up to be chic, durable, and long lasting for many years of worry-free use!

One of the most popular home improvement projects that many homeowners are undertaking is updating their patio and garden doors. By choosing a beautifully designed and function door, you can add thousands of dollars in value to your home, as well as many years of enjoyment with your family. Everyone has their own unique style, and their home doors should reflect that as well. At Burano Doors, all of our sliding patio and garden doors can be configured with a range of different finishes and styles to accommodate every aesthetic.

By choosing a sliding door as opposed to a traditional swing open door, you are getting much greater space utilisation as well as more natural light and a sense of space. You can choose to evoke the beautiful elegance of a set of double French doors with our Imagine Gliding Doors, or you can allow maximum light in with our Opus or Performer Sliding Doors. Every one of our sliding doors is engineered to be highly resistant and ultra low maintenance, providing you with years of easy and hassle-free use.

The Latest In Glass Technology

A beautiful patio or garden sliding door is only as good as its insulation in a climate such as Toronto’s. That’s why Burano Doors uses the latest in glass technology to ensure every one of our glass panes retains maximum heat and saves you money on your hydro bill. Our sliding doors are built using Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform with argon gas fill between the two panes of glass, and Energy Advantage Hard Coat Low Emissivity glass. This combination of technologies enables our glass panes to have amazing clarity and resilience, while also protecting your home from the harsh temperatures outside. Not only are our doors energy efficient, they are also highly secure. Featuring aluminum seals and gaskets, as well as hook-over mechanisms, ensures your door remains sealed tight and cannot be lifted out of its frame. It’s just another way we are committed to being the best home door manufacturer in Toronto.

Toronto’s Leading Door Experts

Choosing the right patio or garden sliding door is crucial to creating the sense of elegance and space you desire in your home. You want to match your interior and exterior styles to the right door and provide excellent views of your backyard. One of our door experts is always on hand to help you make the right decision. We will guide you through the entire process including sizing and finding the right fit, helping you choose a style, and showing you all your different configuration options. We also organise installation directly with you, saving you time, money and stress during your home renovation. We have been serving the local community for decades and look forward to serving you as well.

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