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The Prestige Doors

Designed from the ground up for the discerning buyer, our Prestige Collection is the finest in home doors in Toronto.

The Prestige Collection is characterised by their incredible attention to detail, from their heightened definition from deep-set lines, to their bevelled edges and embossments. These doors can be customised to work for either modern or traditional styles with our range of glass styles and colours. When it comes to the ultimate in luxurious home doors in Toronto, the Prestige Collection cannot be beaten.

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Prestige Collection

You know you’ve ‘arrived’ when you step through an exterior door from our Prestige Collection. These replacement doors are defined by their heightened definition, created through their signature deep-set lines and edges in the embossments. Each new door in the collection can be customized to evoke classic or modern vibes, thanks to the range of glass styles to choose from. Opt for an increase in the value of your home, and its curb appeal, by adding some Prestige!
Our Prestige Collection comes in three spectacular designs:


The London brings the class and sophistication of the famous city to your front door. The two panel design with intricate embossments and high end bevelled edges provides an instant infusion of elegance to any home door in Toronto. This style is particularly well suited to contemporary styled homes, and its solid construction and enhanced security make it an excellent investment.


Add a little French whimsy to your home with our stunning Orléans Prestige door. Striking due to its highly defined embossments, the Orléans is extremely sleek and well designed. The top can be configured as a solid space for minimalist privacy or accentuated with one of our custom glass panels. The choice is yours!


The Sydney is the ultimate in glamour and style, featuring three panelled construction and masterfully detailed embossments. Inspired by the glittering Australian city, the Sydney door has gorgeous detailing, impeccable construction, and is infinitely customizable to suit any taste. Leave it solid for enhanced privacy or add a glass pane for added natural light.

Our Design Door Styles


London Prestige Door Designs - Burano Doors

Configuration Options

Taking after its namesake city, The London door is the height of elegance and sophistication. Bevelled edges bring a sense of class, while ornate embossments add charm and style to any home door in Toronto. The two panel design can be customised with matching side panels and a variety of glass style to create a truly bespoke look. Well suited to traditional and modern homes alike, the London adds security, functionality, and flair.


Orleans Prestige Door Designs - Burano Doors

Configuration Options

The Orléans door is a stunning two panel design that features highly defined embossments that give it a striking look. Intricate like the designs of Orléans itself, the door is sleek and elegant in equal measures and provides an instant dash of class to any entryway. The top panel can be kept solid for added privacy, or it can be configured with a glass panel to add a sense of flair.
All of the glass options available on our Orléans are made using Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform. Utilising argo gas between the glass panes for maximum heat retention, the Energy Advantage Hard Coat Low Emissivity glass increases the energy efficiency dramatically. These factors allow you to save on your hydro bill while indulging in the elegant home door you’ve always wanted.


Sydney Prestige Door Designs - Burano Doors

Configuration Options

If you’re after a little more embellishment in your entryway door, the Sydney is the style for you. Featuring the same attention to detail as the London and Orléans, the Sydney adds a third panel to the mix to bring a fresh new look to any home in Toronto. Like all the other Prestige models, the Sydney can be fully customized with our range of glass panels including our privacy collection, silkscreen collection, thermacrystal collection, or stained glass.

Shaker Entrance Door Designs - Burano Doors

High Efficiency Door Glass Options

When you opt to add a beautiful glass panel to your new Burano door, you will not only be getting a new source of natural light and a striking visual feature, but you will also be getting a highly energy efficient entryway. As the premier home door manufacturer in Toronto, we only work with the best materials and that includes Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology on the SuperSpacer® platform with argon gas fill between the glass panes. The addition of Energy Advantage Hard Coat Low Emissivity glass leads to an exceptionally energy efficient door that doesn’t sacrifice on style.

Shaker Entrance Door Designs - Burano Doors
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The Home Door Experts

When it comes to home doors in Toronto, we won’t be beaten on price or expertise. Our Burano Door experts are available to walk you through every step of the door choosing process, from measurements and style matching, to glass panel configurations and installation. We understand that the comfort and security of your family is the most important thing to you. That’s why we are proud to offer only the most secure and energy efficient home doors in Toronto. We are so grateful for all the Canadian families that have trusted us with their home door installations so far, and we look forward to helping you as well.

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We’ve installed almost every kind of door you can imagine across Ontario, adding beauty and uniqueness that is special with every project. Whether you’re looking for replacement windows or doors, we have the selection and experience to bring your vision to life. Check out our gallery to see some examples of our work.


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I wanted to pick a company that could customize my entire front door experience to really make an impression when people came to the door. I was impressed with the entire experience. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive… service was great.

I love my new front door system by Burano. It makes the entire front of my home look like it’s brand new and we don’t feel any more drafts, like we used to with our old door. Beautiful door, great installation. Thank you.

Great service and my windows and doors were WAY lower than the other quotes. Glad to have picked them for my home renos.

I was starting to get my father’s home ready for sale, but knew the windows and doors I had were old and would likely deter any home buyer that wanted a ‘turn-key’ home. Finding a great door that really stands out was important, because it’s like a statement piece to the home (their sales reps word). I also know there was no way I was going to buy something cheap from home depot and struggle with the install. Anyway, couldn’t be happier. I called, got shown items, then was quoted and the install followed. I also got a great deal on the bay window.

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