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Traditionally, garden doors are designed with two door panels that are hinged on the side. The first panel serves as a point of entry and the other as a source of natural ventilation.

Homeowners have two options when it comes to how a garden door works. They can either have one fixed with one operable door or have two door panels that swing open, which is the case in French garden doors.

Like a swinging patio door, garden doors in Toronto homes lead to an outdoor recreation space, like a sprawling backyard or a gorgeous flower or vegetable garden. Aside from providing ease of access, a garden door adds beauty and functionality to your property and increases its overall resale value.

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The Benefits Of Getting A Garden Door By Burano - Burano Doors

The Benefits of Getting a Garden Door by Burano

Garden doors can dramatically improve the appearance of your home because they allow plenty of natural light and provide great outdoor views. Even if you opt for one of the doors to be fixed, the flood of light can make you extremely happy, especially in the morning or during “golden hour” in the afternoon when it colors and accentuates your interiors. It’s as if you’ve also added more windows in your home with a garden door installed.

High-quality garden doors are made of highly durable materials and equipped with a multi-point locking system that significantly enhances your property’s safety and security.

Unlike sliding patio doors or other types of sliding door (which only open half the space), these types of doors can open at their fullest. Hence, having garden doors installed can give you maximum space and freedom to move large pieces of furniture in and out of your home.

Because garden doors are designed to provide wider access to outdoor recreational spaces, they are also ideal for homeowners who love entertaining family and friends or spending time outside. On the contrary, if you have limited space and would like to make the most out of it, we recommend considering installing a sliding patio door or French patio door instead.

All Burano doors and windows are Energy Star-approved and certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). We only use glass panes with argon gas fill and advanced glazing techniques to guarantee thermal efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Working towards an energy efficient home by getting your outdated doors and windows replaced is a smart strategy to reduce your heating and cooling costs while staying comfortable.

At Burano, your garden door is only limited by your imagination! We have a wide variety of existing designs of windows and doors that are available for customization. You also get to decide on how you want your new door to work. Choose inswing or outswing; single operable door or double; transoms, sidelites. Go for internal grills, venting lites, between-the-glass mini blinds, or v-groove glass. The options are endless.

The Burano Doors Guarantee - Burano Doors

The Burano Doors Guarantee

Burano Doors is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of windows and doors in the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of the country. Whatever you need, whether it’s a patio door, garden door, sliding doors, French doors, entry doors, or new windows, for your property, we got you covered.

We offer the ultimate purchasing peace and the best value for money because:

  • We guarantee customers with beautifully designed and high-quality windows and doors that will stand the test of time and ensure worry-free use over the years.
  • Our windows and doors are produced only with the finest materials and hardware. Our garden doors are laboratory tested to ensure that they exceed industry standards. Order them with our maintenance-free cellular PVC frames or with our vinyl-cladded frames. Either way, they are high efficiency and low maintenance.
  • We offer an extensive lifetime warranty on all our windows and doors, in addition to no-cost replacement parts on windows — a testament of confidence in the quality of our craftsmanship.
  • Our products are 100% Canadian-made, meaning we only offer highly durable, hand-crafted windows and doors at factory direct prices.
  • We offer professional installation, which is absolutely necessary for your new front door or window to function at peak efficiency. Burano Doors have a team of extremely professional installers who have all gone through a certified installation training program. They are the best in the industry, ensuring flawless execution, maximum product efficiency and performance.

Burano Doors has an untarnished reputation for excellent customer service. We are committed to the entire process of your home renovation project from beginning to end. We can walk you through everything you need to know until you can make an informed decision for your own home.

If you have questions about our available selection of new windows or garden doors in Toronto or specific concerns about your service area, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. A friendly member of Burano Doors will be happy to assist you.

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The Burano Doors Guarantee - Burano Doors
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I wanted to pick a company that could customize my entire front door experience to really make an impression when people came to the door. I was impressed with the entire experience. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive… service was great.

I love my new front door system by Burano. It makes the entire front of my home look like it’s brand new and we don’t feel any more drafts, like we used to with our old door. Beautiful door, great installation. Thank you.

Great service and my windows and doors were WAY lower than the other quotes. Glad to have picked them for my home renos.

I was starting to get my father’s home ready for sale, but knew the windows and doors I had were old and would likely deter any home buyer that wanted a ‘turn-key’ home. Finding a great door that really stands out was important, because it’s like a statement piece to the home (their sales reps word). I also know there was no way I was going to buy something cheap from home depot and struggle with the install. Anyway, couldn’t be happier. I called, got shown items, then was quoted and the install followed. I also got a great deal on the bay window.

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