Fibreglass Doors

If you are after a door that looks authentic and stylish but with the added durability of modern materials, our Fibreglass doors are the ideal solution. Built to resist the harshest weather conditions and wear and tear, the utilisation of raw oak adds real character and a touch of class to any home.

Say goodbye to rusting, cracking, or scratches – our fibreglass doors are built to withstand everything you can throw at it. Designed from the ground up to handle harsh Canadian winters and muggy summers, our fibreglass doors are an ideal home door for Toronto.

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Camber Top door Toronto

Camber Top

Borrowing the elegant styling of our Classic Door collections, our Camber Top 2 panel fibreglass door adds elegance and country charm in spades. It has the look and feel of real wood, with the exceptional resistance properties of fibreglass.

Planked Camber Top Toronto

Planked Camber Top

Our Planked Camber Top fibreglass door is ideal for adding a more rustic finish to any entryway. Our fibreglass is treated to look exactly like real wood, complete with panels, rails and stiles.

Doors Design Toronto


Perfect for those who know exactly what they want, our Design fibreglass series allows for endless combinations of glass panes and stain options to suit every taste.
These fibreglass doors are incredibly strong while not sacrificing on style and elegance, perfect for those with an eye for design who live in harsher climates. Our doors are built to be highly resistant to thermal bowing, and do not dent, rust, scratch or crack either.

Configuration Options

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Moncton Doors Toronto


The Moncton fibreglass door brings an element of luxury and grandeur to any home entryway. Built with a premium solid Mahogany woodgrain, this door looks and feels like the real thing but is more robust in every way.

Fibreglass Doors

Burano Doors specialises in building custom fibreglass doors that look like real wood but are much more resistant to wear and tear. Many high end doors are built from solid wood or steel, which gives them an attractive appearance or heightened security. However, both of these materials also have their own downsides, such as being extremely heavy, prone to warping over time, or rusting after repeated exposure to bad weather. Fibreglass offers the best of both worlds, providing an authentic wood exterior appearance, while being incredibly light and extremely durable. Fibreglass naturally resists corrosion and warping, leading to a very long lived and reliable door for years to come.

Fibreglass is also infinitely customizable and configurable, meaning it can be made into any style, shape, or finish you desire. From rustic country doors to chic European masterpieces, fibreglass is able to fit into many different styles while offering incredible value for money and security. Fibreglass doors are also extremely low maintenance and can last for decades, making them the ideal home door in Toronto. Burano Doors is the leading home door manufacturer in Toronto, and we pride ourselves on our high quality fibreglass doors in every style.

Benefits of choosing Burano’s replacement fibreglass door:

Specialists In Home Doors In Toronto

Sometimes you need to update your door out of necessity, and other times you just want a bit more pop in your home’s appearance. At Burano Doors, we are highly experienced in helping our customers find exactly the door they are looking for, whatever the style, material, or configuration they need. Simply contact one of our door specialists and we will provide you with all your options and help you make an informed choice you’ll be happy with for years to come. We manage all manufacturing, delivery and installation right here in Toronto which saves our customers time and money. When you’re looking for the best home doors in Toronto, look no further than Burano Doors.

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