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    Fiberglass Doors Toronto

    Fiberglass doors are impressive entry doors that combine a wooden door’s rich and elegant appearance without the hassle of climate-related issues often encountered, such as warping, rusting, or corrosion. They are produced from a rigid insulation core, clad with a fiber-reinforced polymer, and covered with an artificial grain that tastefully mimics an authentic wood grain texture.

    Whatever you’re looking for, you can never go wrong with Burano. Our fiberglass exterior doors have a versatile design that blends well with both classic and contemporary aesthetics.

    The Benefits of Fiberglass Front Doors

    • Enhanced Curb Appeal
      Opting for a new front door made of top-quality fiberglass material does not have to mean sacrificing your taste for home design and interiors. Our superb craftsmanship and attention to detail give you almost all the natural characteristics of wood to elevate your property’s overall look.
    • Impressive Energy Efficiency
      If you’ve been on the lookout for highly energy-efficient doors, you’re in luck. With higher R-values compared to other types of doors installed, fiberglass doors offer the ultimate solution to reducing your heating and cooling expenses while improving the comfort of your home year-round. All Burano windows and doors are Energy Star approved and certified by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Each new product is laboratory tested to exceed industry standards.
    • Better Functionality and Durability
      Unlike a real wood door, fiberglass entry doors will not swell up when the temperature drops as seasons change. In addition, unlike a steel door, it also has lower vulnerability to rotting and rusting when exposed to wetness and dampness, which is often the case for exterior doors. When you choose a Burano fiberglass door, trust us when we say that you are getting a front door that will stand the test of time.
    • Maintenance Free
      We have made countless customers extremely happy with our fiberglass doors because they do an excellent job at withstanding just about everything. They are resistant to dents and scratches due to blunt force, rusting and corrosion from constant exposure to harsh weather conditions, malfunctioning and other possible issues from everyday wear and tear. Best of all, our fiberglass doors are virtually maintenance-free, thanks, particularly to their composite door frames.
    • Maximum Performance and Security
      Fiberglass doors are an excellent choice for an exterior door because they are made from robust, almost indestructible material. They are made with multiple layers and thicker than most traditional doors, making them a challenge to destroy or bust open by potential burglars. On top of that, Burano’s fiberglass entry doors are also equipped with top-quality hardware. They can be customized to incorporate advanced security features, such as central deadbolt, smart lock, latch bolts, multipoint lock to achieve maximum security and peace of mind.

    Superior Fiberglass Entry Door Systems

    Burano Doors is a trusted name when it comes to premium windows and doors. Unlike other competitors in the industry, we take care of everything, from design customization to professional door and window installation.

    We manufacture our windows and doors in our factory in Vaughan, Ontario, which allows us to offer high-quality products at a very reasonable price. That’s why we can always vouch for the quality of our products and excellence of artistry and offer a lifetime warranty.

    Our experts can help you find the right fiberglass door for your home. We offer limitless options and customizations. With Burano fiberglass doors Toronto, you get to choose from:

    • Four signature fiberglass door collections to match your unique tastes with several grills and glass design, and hardware options.
    • A wide selection of colour palettes from a custom-blended colour technology that offer a beautiful and long-lasting finish.
    • Oak or mahogany wood grain finishes to match the look and feel of real wood doors. This is ideal for homeowners who love the look of classic wooden doors but want all of the benefits of fiberglass material.

    Burano windows and doors are 100% Canadian-made. You simply won’t be able to find extremely professional value anywhere else. Contact us today for your free quote or to request more information about our fiberglass entry doors.


    Read what clients have to say about Burano Doors

    I wanted to pick a company that could customize my entire front door experience to really make an impression when people came to the door. I was impressed with the entire experience. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive... service was great.

    Reviewer: Michael Landry


    5 out of 5 stars

    I was starting to get my father's home ready for sale, but knew the windows and doors I had were old and would likely deter any home buyer that wanted a 'turn-key' home. Finding a great door that really stands out was important, because it's like a statement piece to the home (their sales reps word). I also know there was no way I was going to buy something cheap from home depot and struggle with the install. Anyway, couldn't be happier. I called, got shown items, then was quoted and the install followed. I also got a great deal on the bay window.

    Reviewer: Plastic Surgeons Toronto


    5 out of 5 stars

    Great service and my windows and doors were WAY lower than the other quotes. Glad to have picked them for my home renos.

    Reviewer: Noah Parker


    5 out of 5 stars

    Read what clients have to say about Burano Doors

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