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Burano Doors

Quality exterior doors improve your home’s energy efficiency, enhance security, and increase the value of your property. At Burano Doors, we offer an unparalleled selection of exterior steel or fiberglass doors at factory-direct prices. Read More

Improved energy efficiency

Fiberglass doors have a high R-value. This level of thermal resistance will significantly reduce your energy bill and make your home more comfortable throughout the year.

Enhanced security

Made with 4 inch lock blocks and reinforced, laminated wood stiles, our doors are highly secure and resistant to severe weather.

Added curb appeal

New, high-efficiency doors add curb appeal to your property and make your home more sought after by potential purchasers.

Standard and custom doors that you’ll love.

We can manufacture any style you can think of. Beauty truly does begin at your doorstep

Cross Section of Door

  1. Durable Frame options

    Our standard cellular PVC frame provides the same insulating properties as wood and resists weathering and moulding. Or choose a conventional finger jointed pine frame, clad in steel. Enhance your door system by allowing us to factory paint your frames and brickmoulds to match your door panel.

  2. Weatherstripping

    Premium weatherstripping provides an optimal seal around the perimeter of the door to prevent air flow transfer, maintaining the efficiency of the door system. The foam compression weatherstrip will not freeze in the winter months or expand in the summer.

  3. Aluminum Sill

    Designed to slope away from the door to send water away from the home, these durable aluminum sills with optional composite base provides optimal traction with raised ribs. We offer low profile sills to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

  4. Door Skin

    Thick gauge steel provides optimum resistance to warping, weather & noise. The galvanized steel assures long term protection. Burano’s high-density fibreglass doors are strong, versatile, and require minimal maintenance. Offering the look of wood with the energy efficiency of steel. Paint or stain your door system in a variety of colours to reflect your homes true character.

  5. Polyurethane Foam Core

    With an R value of 12, the polyurethane foam enhances the energy efficiency of the doorskins. Combined the insulation value is at least six times greater than a solid wood door.

  6. Door Sweep

    A fixed or adjustable door sweep completes the seal of the door system, ensuring true efficiency.

  7. Threshold

    Thermally broken threshold and bottom door sweeps improves thermal performance and minimizes air infiltration.

With all this combined, you can expect beauty, durability and energy efficiency at your doorstep.

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