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Wooden vs Fiberglass Doors

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Dec 17, 2018

Wooden Vs Fiberglass Doors - Burano Doors

When deciding which material you should choose when picking out your front door, homeowners often get overwhelmed by the endless amount of options available. Some of the more popular options include doors made of wood and fibreglass. When comparing the two, fiberglass doors present several advantages over its wooden or even metal counterparts, one of which fiberglass can be manufactured to have the look and texture of a wooden door, and some door experts may not even be able to distinguish the two unless they are put under close examination. Furthermore, fiberglass doors are often built to be more durable than regular doors as they can perform better under dramatic climate changes and can also be customized to fit the look, style, and aesthetic of the rest of your home.

While differences are minimal aesthetically, there are almost no downsides to investing in a high quality fiberglass door. Durable and made to last several years, you can rest assured that your door will remain functional and continue to look great for a very long time. Here are some great benefits of fiberglass doors.

Benefits of Fiberglass Doors
Although fiberglass doors are more of an initial upfront cost when compared to its wooden or metal door counterparts, the benefits will far surpass that initial investment in the long run. Fiberglass doors are highly durable, rarely scratch, warp, or peel, and are ideal for constant weather changes that are characteristic of Southern Ontario.

Fiberglass doors are both tough and durable when compared to vinyl doors, and also come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit your home’s design and aesthetic. They can be customized to fit various sizes and are completely adaptable to any home.

Fiberglass doors are low maintenance and are fairly resistant to buckling and denting. It’s wooden-like surface can be re-painted easily and are also 5x more insulating than wooden doors, thanks to its interior filled with insulating foam.

Fiberglass Doors vs Steel Doors
Steel doors offer a good R-Value and is crack resistant. While steel is definitely durable, it can also be dented. Furthermore, steel can rust easily and cause long-term problems. Though painting over steel can seen like a solution, it is only temporary as the paint will most likely begin to peel over time.

One of the biggest drawbacks to steel doors is how uninsulating they are. Cold or hot temperatures can easily make their way through steel doors, making them not an ideal choice for climates where the weather fluctuates season-to-season. With this being said, steel is still relatively affordable and is more energy efficient when compared to its wooden door counterpart, but is not as durable as a fiberglass door.

Fiberglass Doors: Costs and Installation
Although fiberglass doors are one of the leading choices for homeowners, fiberglass doors can be warped. To prevent this, they must be cleaned on a regular basis and must be protected from the sun and UV rays. Its durability can also be extended when the door has been assembled using reinforced fiberglass panels, water-resistant seals, and full-length stiles.

The cost of a fiberglass door will vary widely depending on the finish you choose as well as what the installation procedure is like. On average, these doors can cost several hundred dollars for a regular, standard door and can go up to a few thousand depending on the product type. In addition, regular maintenance costs such as sealing and staining will increase the investment. When looking at the various factors that can impact the pricing of fiberglass doors, we’ve rounded up some of the leading reasons:

  • Alternative finishing options
  • Window Style (if any)
  • Door shape and size
  • Paint and appearance
  • Weather resistance/protection
  • Door detailing and hardware

In addition to these added costs, the material that the door and frame will be installed on is a major influence on the overall cost of the door. Sometimes, it can amount to as much as the cost of the door itself! However, fiberglass doors can usually be installed at the same costs as those of a wooden door. For increased precision and pricing, we recommend getting an accurate field installation estimate that is customized and tailored to your home. This is because exact measurements and a complete assessment need to be made before the purchase and installation of the door. Here at Burano Doors, we are happy to provide you with assistance and guidance to help guide you through the entire door purchasing process.

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