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February 11th 2021

The Different Methods of Windows and Door Installation

Whether you are looking to make minor upgrades to your home or aiming for a more general renovation, there are numerous benefits to upgrading your windows and/or doors. By choosing the right replacement windows and doors, you can truly maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal; because these features are some of the most noticeable external elements of a home’s facade, getting new ones will give the impression of a well-maintained home.

When it comes to replacing windows or doors you need to first choose whether or not to keep your current window and door dimensions. Though it may seem like you need to adjust these dimensions based on available sizes of pre-made windows and doors, you can actually have your new windows and doors customized. Of course, the option to upgrade or change up the windows and doors that you already have is also on the table.

While exploring and considering the above options, you need to be familiar with the different ways that windows and doors are replaced or installed because this will guide you on your next steps. In this article, we will talk about window and door installation methods such as retrofit installation, full-frame replacement, and split-frame installation.

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Option 1: Retrofit Installation or Replacement

What Is Retrofit Installation?

Retrofit installation involves only the replacement of the window or door itself. This method of window installation or door installation was developed so that the contractor would not need to remove exterior materials. New windows or new doors are simply installed into existing frames.

Who Should Get Retrofit Windows or Doors?

Retrofit installation is recommended for customers who are looking to preserve the existing look (along with the current dimensions of the windows and doors) of their home. Additionally, if you are looking for a budget-friendly way to replace old windows or doors in your home, this method of window installation or door installation is for you. It requires only a small amount of labour to get done because it involves the least amount of structural alterations.

Option 2: Full-Frame Installation or Replacement

What Is Full-Frame Installation?

Full-frame installation involves the removal of the old window or door, along with its frame or jamb. Compared to the other options in this guide, this is the most extensive process of all and it typically costs about 15-20% more than retrofit window or door installation

Who Should Get a Full-Frame Window or Door Installation?

Full-frame installation is recommended for property owners who are looking to replace the window or door with one that has a completely different style and/or size. For anyone who is looking to significantly enlarge their windows or doors, this is the most flexible option that will allow for it. It is also recommended if the old windows or doors already have significant deterioration on their frames. If such frames are reused, they are likely to cause leaks – whether it’s the outside air getting in or precipitation seeping through.

Option 3: Split-Frame Installation or Replacement

What is Split-Frame Installation?

Split-frame installation is slightly different for windows and doors. This is because split-frame windows aren’t manufactured – but split-frame doors are.

Split-frame window installation involves the splitting of the original window frame in half for the new window frame to be secured in place. The installation process allows for the interior mouldings to remain intact, unlike with a full-frame installation while also allowing for slightly larger windows to be put in place, unlike with retrofit installation. In the hands of a skilled contractor, this type of installation can look tidy. Additionally, it isn’t as structurally intrusive as full-frame installation. However, it can be a time-consuming process and can cost around the same as full-frame installations.

Split-frame door installation, on the other hand, involves the installation of a split-frame door which is typically manufactured that way – with a split running lengthwise on its frame. These doors have trim casting already attached to each edge of the frame or jamb.

Who Should Get a Split-Frame Window or Door Installation?

As we mentioned earlier, split-frame windows are the best option if you would like to replace your windows while also keeping your interior mouldings. The added advantage is that you can have slightly larger windows without much structural alteration.

Meanwhile, split-frame doors are the best option for scenarios wherein the rough frame of the interior wall is thicker than that of a standard opening. This means that most pre-hung doors won’t fit. With split-frame door installation, the two halves of the frame will sandwich the wall, resulting in a tidy fit.

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Get High-Quality Windows and Doors for Any Type of Installation Method

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