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What Does Your Front Door Style Say About You?

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Nov 13, 2020

What Does Your Front Door Style Say About You? - Burano Doors

If the home is where the heart is, then it’s no surprise that the elements that make up this little oasis can say so much about our personality, our lifestyle, our tastes, and so on. Considering that the front door is often the first part of the home that guests interact with, it can truly create an impression about what to expect within its confines and who lives there.

So, whether you are looking to replace your front door to better match your personality or just curious about what your front door style says about you, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will cover different types and colours of front doors and how this reflects on your style.

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Black front door with spiral columns

What Your Front Door Design Says About You

Dutch Doors: For Those Who Love Form, Function, and Dogs!

Dutch doors are single doors that are split horizontally through the middle, thereby allowing the top half to open while the lower half stays shut. This type of door evokes images of quaint country cottages and warm summer nights.

Originally designed to keep rodents from coming into the house while still allowing fresh air to circulate through the home, they’re now the perfect front door for those with wandering pets or toddlers. It may also be a popular choice for someone who likes to maintain a sense of security when strangers knock on their door. Either way, it’s usually chosen by someone who likes practical innovative solutions that hide in plain sight.

Double Doors: For Those Who Like a Mix of Elegance and Ease

When we think of double doors, we immediately think of houses that exude elegance but there’s actually another side to it. Double doors are incredibly functional and allow for more ease when receiving large deliveries, replacing/moving furniture, and hosting parties that spill out into the yard. This is typically the door design of someone who is sociable, refined, and a tad bit easy-going.

Craftsman Doors: For Those Who Like a Touch of Nostalgia and Class

Craftsman doors became popular between the Victorian-style trend in architecture and before the emergence of modern-style architecture. As such, these Shaker-inspired doors with clean straight lines and top windows (or stained glass) are a subtle, yet truly nostalgic icon. This door design is commonly appreciated or chosen by those who like the simplistic lines and classiness of this door style.

European Design Doors: For Those Who Stand Out Effortlessly

European door designs typically feature clean lines and modern accents. These doors are unmistakably contemporary. Some variants are completely solid allowing for maximum privacy while others allow for plenty of natural light to come through large rectangular glass panels. This type of modern front door works well with minimalist and modern aesthetics. Typically, these doors belong to those who like to show clean and effortless stylishness for both themselves and their home.

What the Colour of Your Front Door Says About You

Natural Wooden Doors: Lover of Nature

Wooden doors have natural beauty in its organic pattern and earth-tone hues. If this is the front door you’ve chosen, your personality is likely straightforward, natural, and as honest as your front door. This front door material exudes warmth, simplicity, and a sense of calmness that makes guests feel at home.

A natural wooden front door surrounded by plants

White Front Doors: Order and Simplicity

White front doors look clean, sharp, and elegant. This kind of modern front door is also very neutral and works well with a minimalistic design. If this is the front door that you chose for your home, you are likely someone who likes to keep things neat, orderly, and serene. You likely have high standards for your home and for yourself as well.

Black Front Doors: Formal and Private

Nothing is more stately than a black front door. If this is the front door design that you’ve chosen, you are likely someone who appreciates if guests would call before dropping by – and this front door colour solidifies that claim. This front door style exudes formality and seriousness and makes the home appear more closed and well-protected.

Blue Front Doors: Stable and Trustworthy

Blue front doors tend to stand out without being too visually loud. This colour evokes feelings of calmness and trust. If you’ve chosen this shade of colour, you are likely to be someone who knows how to make people feel comfortable around you. The people in your life trust you and love paying visits to your house!

Red Front Doors: Loud, Proud and Vibrant

Red front doors demand attention and are very inviting. If you have chosen a red door, it’s very likely that you are a highly social person with a strong personality. You have absolutely no problems in a crowd and are quite charismatic. Darker shades of red retain the vibrant flare while also exuding a sense of warmth and stability.

Green Front Doors: Peaceful and Prosperous

Green is a colour that can mean many things. You may have chosen a green front door because you believe in “going green.” It could also be that you’ve chosen it because it signifies prosperity – something that you value in your life. Either way, you are likely to be as natural, serene, and calm as the colour of your front door.

Orange Front Doors: Unabashedly Unique

Orange is the perfect mixture of friendliness and positive energy. If you’ve chosen an orange front door, you are likely to be someone who loves having fun. This door colour isn’t very common and signifies a beautiful statement in that you celebrate your individuality and uniqueness.

Purple Front Doors: Luxurious and Spiritual

Purple front doors are quite rare, however, with the right shade it is truly stylish and gives off a luxurious vibe. You may be someone who appreciates the finer things in life and in this case, lighter purple shades signify your inner royalty. The deeper shades of this colour can also represent spirituality, meaning this front door colour can suggest that you are someone who is open-minded about such matters.

Yellow Front Doors: Embodiment of Cheerfulness

There’s no mistaking that yellow is the most cheerful colour in the rainbow. If you’ve chosen this front door colour, it means you are likely someone who is cheerful, welcoming and likes to make a bit of a statement. A yellow front door also gives off the impression that you are humorous, confident, and understanding.

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