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12 Home Upgrades For An Expensive-Looking Space

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Jun 10, 2022

12 Home Upgrades For An Expensive-Looking Space - Burano Doors

Imagine going home every day to a house that’s dripping in finesse and luxury. Most likely, you’ll think of an uncluttered and soothing living room, a bathroom that resembles a spa retreat, a well-organized kitchen with beautiful countertops, and a sense of seamlessness uniting all of these spaces.

Though design preferences may vary, we all have a sense of what an expensive home looks like—and what home upgrades are needed to achieve them. A house tends to look more expensive when it has the following characteristics:

  • Spaciousness or maximized space;
  • Well-organized items (no clutter);
  • A sense of serenity and harmony;
  • A bright ambience;
  • Well thought out rooms that enhance one’s lifestyle; and
  • Home upgrades that increase the property’s actual value.

This comprehensive guide by Burano Doors goes into the different ways to make your home look or actually become more expensive (via home upgrades that increase value). Are you ready to give your house a glow-up?

Perceived Value vs. Actual Value

Home upgrades can increase your home’s perceived value, actual value, or both.

Perceived value is what an observer (e.g. a guest or potential tenant/buyer) thinks the house is worth. Meanwhile, actual value pertains to how much the house is actually worth.

In many cases, home upgrades that add to the property’s actual value will also raise the home’s perceived value. For rental properties and homes that are to be sold, raising the actual value of the home can command higher rents and resale values, respectively.

Typically, renovation projects that only raise the perceived value of a home are minor tweaks that focus on aesthetics. However, upgrades that raise the home’s actual value could come with both aesthetic and practical benefits.

In the upcoming sections, we will explore minor tweaks that will make your home look more expensive and home upgrades that will give a wider scope of benefits.

A basket storage bin for decluttering before doing home upgrades

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look Expensive

1. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

Clutter can drag down the whole ambience of any living space. That’s why dealing with clutter takes the top spot in our list of home upgrades. Take time to get rid of items you no longer need or want. Then, if any clutter remains, find stylish bins and baskets to keep them out of sight.

2. Switch to Neutrals

When darker colours dominate a living space, it could look gloomy or tacky. With neutral colours, you can make your home look more expensive. So if you’re looking to do some repainting or shopping for new furniture, go with neutrals.

3. Get Modern Light Fixtures

Updating your lighting fixtures gets rid of old, ineffective lighting that makes your home look like it hasn’t been renovated in a while. Whether you get pendant lights or geometric chandeliers, new light fixtures can cost-effectively transform your living room or dining room.

4. Add Moulding to Plain Walls

Jazz up the look of plain walls with decorative moulding. Though this is not likely to contribute to the actual value of the house, it can add a touch of elegance to your space. Depending on your current interior design scheme, explore compatibilities with crown moulding, picture frame wall moulding, and so on.

Living room home upgrades that include decorative moulding

5. Get a Large Piece of Artwork as a Statement Piece

When it comes to artwork, avoid having a myriad of small pieces because this creates a cluttered look. Hang a large piece of art on its own and allow it to take centre stage. This creates a much bigger impact.

6. Use Textures in Your Decorating

Textures can add an expensive look to a room. While being mindful of your space’s palette and theme, experiment with textures like layered rugs, throw pillows of different fabrics, and so on.

7. Uplift the Space with Flowers and Plants

Serenity and luxury go hand-in-hand. Plants are an inexpensive way to add both to your living space. Display flowers in a vase or indoor potted plants on pedestals, tables, and shelves. These small touches will make a big difference.

What Home Upgrades Increase Value?

1. Recessed Lighting

Installing recessed lighting can increase the value of a home. This type of lighting is a staple in interior design because it is an unobtrusive yet effective way to brighten up a space. Recessed lighting also adds a touch of elegance to any space and is a very versatile element.

2. Energy-Efficient Sliding Patio Doors

The installation of high-quality and energy-efficient sliding patio doors can give numerous benefits. Not only do you get added natural light bundled with energy efficiency, but the see-through glass also creates a sense of continuity that makes your space seem bigger. This is a huge bonus when it comes to making a home look more expensive. It’s one of the most effective home upgrades that adds value to the property.

Patio doors as one of many home upgrades

3. A Stylish & Energy-Efficient Front Door

Having a stylish front door will boost the aesthetic appeal of your home, even from afar. If you get one with energy-saving features to match, this home upgrade will allow you to retain around 75% of what you spent—in the form of added actual value to the house.

4. Larger and More Energy-Efficient Windows

By having larger windows, you will be able to uplift your living space and reduce your dependence on artificial lighting. In addition, if you get windows that have the ENERGY STAR label, you will add significant value to your home.

5. Finish and Waterproof Your Basement

Though this is a larger project, you will benefit from this if you need added living space. By waterproofing and finishing your basement, the livable area in your home becomes extended. This space can become a home office, a hobby centre, or even an additional bedroom.

Just remember to install the right size of egress windows in your basement to light up the space and boost its safety. Needless to say, this home upgrade adds significant value to your home.

An finished and well-lit basement

Kickstart Your Home Upgrades with Burano Doors

Burano Doors is your partner in achieving the home of your dreams. We are a trusted manufacturer of front doors, interior doors, patio doors, and windows that embody top-quality aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability.

Are you ready to turn the home upgrades you envision into a reality? Contact us today!

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