The Ultimate Guide To Door Styles In 2019
February 4th 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Door Styles In 2019

Doors are an often overlooked but absolutely essential part of your home’s aesthetic and curb appeal.

Your entryway door is the first thing guests see when they approach your house, and tends to be one of the most eye catching things for passers buy (or potential buyers) from the street. Doors are also a very cost effective way to update your home’s exterior and give it a splash of elegance without breaking the bank.

But which door style is right for you this year?

We put together this ultimate guide of door styles that will be popular for 2019 as part of our commitment to being the best home door manufacturer in Toronto. Read on and find out which style is just right for you!


Traditional home door in Toronto from local home door manufacturer

A timeless classic, Traditional style doors never go out of fashion.

These doors often feature several raised panels with deep grooves to provide pleasant geometrical symmetry and a more refined look. They can be either completely solid for enhanced privacy, or they can feature glass panes with either clear glass, stained glass or textured glass.

Traditional style doors are usually made out of wood or fibreglass and come pre-hung for simple installation. They can be configured into almost any shape, size, or finish to match a wide range of homes. Burano Doors offers our own take on the traditional door style with our Classic Door Collection. These doors come in panelled options from two to six panels, and can be left blank, cambered, or with glass inserts. The choice is yours!


Craftsman style home door in toronto

Craftsman style doors are exceedingly popular in more rural areas, as well as with trendy homeowners looking to add a more vintage look to their homes.

A typical craftsman style door will involve clean, straight lines and glass panes either at the top or taking up a large section of the door for enhanced outdoor views. Craftsman doors are often associated with the Shaker style, which is characterised by honesty, simplicity, and high quality construction.

Usually offered in traditional wood or more modern fibreglass, the craftsman style door can also be customised in a range of ways to suit different aesthetics. Our Shaker Door Collection is a perfect example of classic Craftsman styling, featuring beautiful panelling and fresh, clean embossments. Configure yours with stained glass embellishments or some privacy enhancing chord glass!


Modern style home door in toronto

Modern style doors tend to be inspired by the simplistic chicness of European aesthetic principles, and it adds class and elegance to any home.

Modern style doors often borrow the same adherence to clean lines and panelling as a Shaker or Craftsman door, however, they apply them in different ways. Think more abstract horizontal and vertical lines as opposed to just squares or rectangular panels. The accents used in modern styles also tend to follow this obsession with simplicity, usually featuring utilitarian handles or a clear glass window.

As the leading home door manufacturer in Toronto, Burano Doors prides itself on our range of modern doors from our Design Collection. This collection brings the effortless style of modern European architecture to you with our simple lines and ample natural light options. Whatever you are looking for, one of our dooring experts is guaranteed to be able to find your the door you want at a price you’ll love.


Rustic style home door in toronto

This door type remains highly popular with interior designers and makes a perfect addition to any more traditionally styled home.

Rustic doors typically appear on homes that feature a lot of wood or rough hewn stone, and so are often themselves made of wood. They are typically thicker and heavier, and aim to highlight the materials they are made of with panelling and bigger locking mechanisms. These doors are perfect for cabins, rural homes, and older style homes with craftsman elements.

Our Plank Camber Top doors are perfect for any homeowner looking to add a sense of rustic charm to their home without spending a fortune. Thick hardwood doors are incredibly heavy and can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars, which can put them out of reach for many. Our Plank Camber Top doors are made from real wood and eco-friendly insulation interiors, making them cost effective, beautiful, and environmentally positive. As home door manufacturers in Toronto, we are committed to lowering our impact on the Earth, and we take pride in using only HCFC-free materials in our construction process.


Arched home door in toronto

For a real sense of grandeur and elegance, an arched doorway can do wonders for any home.

One of the earliest styles of doors developed in Europe, the arched door type involves a curved top instead of a straight edge one. This can add a sense of whimsy and interest to any door frame, as your guests are drawn to the unconventional configuration. These style work particularly well with stained glass to create a sense of majesty and class, coupled with intricate hardware and matching side panels.

For the ultimate in luxury and sophistication, our Prestige Collection offers arched door style and stained glass for an unforgettable entrance. Inspired by the elegance of London, the beauty of Orléans and the sophistication of Sydney, each door in our collection brings an element of design and attention to detail rarely seen in home doors in Toronto.

If you are looking for the most trusted home door manufacturer in Toronto, look no further than Burano Doors. We are dedicated to providing the leading customer experience in Ontario, so contact us today and see why we have thousands of satisfied customers.

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