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February 19th 2020

Types of Door Locks

Installing a reliable door locks for your home and the various rooms within it, you will be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your family and belongings are protected. However, what type of lock for doors you should settle on can be challenging since there’s a wide variety of door locks you can choose from.

When selecting a certain type of door lock, security is likely a top of mind concern. You should consider the level of security you are looking for and what a lock can provide for you. While there are a lot of types of door locks, the most commonly bought for homes would be padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and levers – all offering different levels of safety.

Here are the types of locks for doors for your home:


This type of lock is not permanently attached to anything else and can be placed whenever and where ever it’s needed. The padlock comes in different sizes, and some are used in luggage and lockers, while heavy-duty ones are used in gates and other establishments. It is free-standing and portable, there’s no need to install it. There are two types of padlocks that you can choose from – the keyed one and the code combination one.

The code combination can be personalized, you can use your random code or a significant code that only you know. However, the downside to this type of lock is that it can easily be decoded by luck or pure study or it can be shimmed open without hassle.

The keyed one comes in different variations – there’s the rekeyable padlock and the non-rekeyable padlock. The rekeyable one can have its keys changed while the non-keyable one can’t. There’s also another variety you can choose from – the key-retaining and the non-key-retaining. When you say key-retaining, the key can’t be removed if the padlock is open while the latter is can. There’s also a shrouded shackle padlock that makes it hard for thieves to cut the padlock.

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This is one of the common types of door locks that is installed on most external doors and provides good protection for modern houses. This type of lock comes in three different varieties: single, double, and lockable thumb-turn.

The single-cylinder deadbolt type is most commonly found in your traditional houses and apartments and can do its job properly. However, it can easily be opened once the house is entered through a window – it can be accessed by turning the thumb-turn.

A double cylinder deadbolt is more ideal as it requires keys for both the inside and the outside of the door. This can be tricky for most thieves, but dangerous in times of panic. This can be remedied by leaving the key nearby in case of fire or intruder. The lockable thumb-turn is a hybrid of a single and double cylinder.

It has a normal thumb-turn inside that functions like a single-cylinder but it can only be locked or unlocked by using a key. It can be turned but it doesn’t lock the door as it requires a key to lock or unlock it.

Knob Locks

This type of lock is commonly used for bedroom doors and any internal door as it doesn’t provide maximum protection. It can easily be smashed in and can easily be cut since the lock itself is in the knob. This is one of the types of door locks that should only be used for internal doors as it can easily be destroyed.

Lever Handle Locks

Like the knob locks, this is more commonly used for internal doors as the lock feature is also built in the handle itself. It’s mostly made for people with disabilities for better access – as knobs needed for a grip and twist while lever handles needed only to be hooked to open.

Jimmy Proof Deadbolts

This type of lock is ideal for exterior doors and commonly found in apartments and in some homes. It’s unique as it’s hard to open from the outside or to be pulled apart because of its jamb bracket. It’s easy to install as well as it only needs to be installed on the inside of the door rather than drilled in like a conventional deadbolt in homes.

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Euro Profile Cylinders

Also called DIN cylinders, this type of lock is a common staple across the globe. They come in different kinds: single cylinder, double cylinder, and single-cylinder with thumb-turn. The latch can easily be broken if it’s not reinforced properly or you bought the wrong length for the door. This is commonly used for external doors as it provides good security.

Rim/Mortise Locks

This is one of the types of locks on doors that are commonly used for commercial purposes – for glass doors usually, and some on apartment doors. Mortise cylinders are strung and screw into the device and rim cylinders highlight long tails that for the most part activate the fastener or an inside mounted gadget like a jimmy-proof rim with a rim lock.

Key In Knob (KIK) Cylinders

A Key in Knob chamber is commonly found at the core of most knobs, handles, and lower cost deadbolts. They are additionally well-known in OEM applications and even some sliding glass doors. A KIK chamber is commonly covered up within the lock with just the face of the lock shown on doors.

Rim Latch Locks

This is a type of lock is attached to the surface of the door, making it ideal for DIY people. It’s a simple design of a single lever and a sliding bolt that locks as you close the door – no need to manually turn a knob or anything. It’s usually a preferred type of lock for external doors and gates.

Secure Entry Doors

There are more types of door locks available for all kinds of establishments and homes, depending on your needs and preference. It’s still ideal to scout and do your own research for the best type that you should get for a sound sleep at night.

While installing a new front entry door locks can greatly improve your home’s security, you may also want to consider installing a new replacement door! Burno offers a wide range of secure entry doors to keep you and your family safe. Check out our front door selection today.

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