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Trending Front Door Colours in 2023

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Dec 15, 2022

A man opening a front door painted red

Every new year comes with a signature colour. Painted in 365 days of its own personal hue, the new year is set to colour your life!

This year, Pantone announced Viva Magenta as its colour of the year, symbolizing vim and vigor. But can this colour be applied as a front door paint colour? A new year is akin to opening a new door—let’s make sure that yours is dressed for the occasion!

Keep scrolling to learn what complementing interior and exterior design colours will be trending in 2023—and how you can splash some of your personality on the blank canvas that is your front door!

1. Viva Magenta

Magenta Colour - Burano DoorsViva Magenta - Burano Doors

Brightening up 2023 with its strength and optimism, Viva Magenta would make your front door pop with life. Viva Magenta is a colour that refuses to be a background character—it demands attention and is unapologetically audacious.

If you have a brave and fearless outlook on life, it’s time to incorporate it into the entryway of your home. Flank its striking presence with other vibrant hues, like yellow, turquoise, or coral to achieve an adventurous aesthetic that doesn’t shy away from the limelight (yes, lime matches too!). This amalgamation of purple and red doesn’t choose architecture. So, no matter the design of your house, the front door will look fantastic painted in the colour of the year.

Swimming against the current of classic door paint colours, Viva Magenta is a rebel with a cause, and it’s going to shake up this new year.

a close up of a magenta front door

1. Digital Lavender

Digital Lavender - Burano DoorsLavender Colour - Burano Doors

When it comes to front door paint colours, this calming purple hue is bound to help your home make a cheerful first impression.

Way back when colours were associated with social class, purple was a spectrum of shades that was exclusively worn and used by royalty. So the sophisticated essence of this colour never really fades.

The very specific shade of digital lavender, however, softens the look of royal purple by incorporating a more contemporary feel into it while retaining its timeless elegance. Front door paint colours that come in shades of purple are great for matching with white, gray, and pastels. So, if the facade of your house is painted in light colours or fortified with bricks that are on the lighter side, you can’t go wrong with digital lavender. It’s a great way to manifest wellness this year and onwards!

 A front door painted in digital lavender

2. Sage Green

White Colour - Burano DoorsGreen Colour - Burano Doors

Classic front door paint colours are irreplaceable, but they are now sharing the spotlight with brave and bold colours that put a playful spin on the personality of your home.

The wise men say that green is the colour of hope, so “sage green” must be the colour of profound hope, right?

Painting your front door in sage green transforms it into a serene, muted green masterpiece blended with undertones of delicate yellow. Aside from radiating inviting, welcoming, and endearing warmth, sage green also has the ability to match with a wide variety of other colours. It can either be the focal point or blend in to bring out the essence of other key colours of your house’s exterior.

 A sage green front door

3. Sky Blue

Blue Colour - Burano DoorsSky Blue Colour - Burano Doors

The optimistic pop of colour continues with the next shade on our front door paint colours list: sky blue.

As you may already have noticed, a central theme in 2023 is positivity and calmness. Your home’s front door may be built from the toughest material, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t show its soft side through colour.

Given that the sky is a different kind of blue depending on the hour of the day, the front door paint colours here are truly endless. Whether you choose an early morning sky blue, a noon sky blue, or an afternoon sky blue, you can expect them all to go perfectly with beige and nude shades. Any subtle colour to complement it would do.

In the event that you’re more of an evening or midnight blue type of person, you can accentuate their understated sophistication with bolder hues around the door. Perhaps a gold mail slot and hardware, a bright door frame, or flower pots brimming with bright colours.

A sky blue front door

4. Black, Gray, or White

Black Colour - Burano DoorsGray Colour - Burano DoorsWhite - Burano Doors

Black, gray, and white front door paint shades have been popular picks through the decades, and for good reason too—they go with everything.

Bonus tip: These basic yet indispensable colours will go specifically well with craftsman style doors.

Classic black, gray, and white doors are timeless. To that effect, you can give your front door a fresh coat of either of these fool-proof colours. Then proceed to pair it with a surrounding pop of colour. On the flip side, you can also run with the black, gray, or white motif and keep things monochromatic, subtle, sleek, and captivating.

Opening Doors to New Colours

When it comes down to it, the colour of 2023 is whatever you choose it to be. Your door, your choice; that’s the magic of it all. So, play around with your favourite colours, or discover new ones that you have never dared to try before. Paint it in the shade of you.

Whatever your exterior design vibes may be in terms of front door paint colours, you can count on Burano Doors to provide you with premium doors that look fabulous in any shade.

Book a free home estimate to see which front door best suits your household and aesthetic. Let’s kick in the door to 2023 with a fresh coat of paint!

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