Top Window Styles For Your Business
June 20th 2019

Top Window Styles For Your Business

In a time where beautiful things are especially appreciated, like public works of art or “instagrammable” spots, businesses are now working to create aesthetically pleasing environments.

There’s a number of ways to create gorgeous places of business! It could be through a pop of colour, intriguing interior design or windows bringing in beautiful views, natural light and ventilation.

Whether you’re a part owner of a dentist’s office or a bakeshop, creating an eye-catching space with windows in Toronto can make a world of difference. We’ve outlined some of the top window styles that are both functional and visually stunning.

Double Or Single Slider Tilt Windows

Double or single slider tilt windows are perfect for locations that require a lower placement/ opening mechanism. With these windows, you can have the lower profile without having to sacrifice ventilation and natural light.

These traditionally styled windows feature one to two casement windows that slide across one side to the other. For enhanced ventilation, they tilt inwards, removing the possibility of interfering with external features such as landscaping or driveways. As a result, these windows are ideal for road-facing, main floor office spaces or businesses.

Burano Doors is proud to offer an incredible and diverse range of double and single slider tilt windows in Toronto. We produce our products keeping the Canadian climate in mind, and offer the highest levels of energy efficiency and protection from harsh winter temperatures. To provide peace of mind, our windows feature extra security latches with stell (not plastic) latches and locks for increased longevity and durability over time.

Low Profile Fixed Windows

Low profile fixed windows, commonly referred to as picture windows, make for a great replacement window in Toronto!

These windows are motionless (hence, “fixed”), allowing them to have the maximum amount of glass available within the structure and maximizing the amount of light entering your business space. These windows are exceptionally customizable, and can be fitted to almost any size and shape to suit your space. Furthermore, the frame can be designed to match the aesthetic of the interior of your space too, tying everything together. This advantage can be hugely beneficial to businesses with oddly shaped office spaces or buildings! These fixed windows have unique low profile frames developed to increase the amount of light coming in by using minimal framing.

Low profile fixed windows work especially well in floor-to-ceiling arrangements, as they do not necessarily need to be moving (to ventilate your business) and can provide superior scenic views and natural light. If your business has a spectacular view, this option may be perfect for you.

Newly installed low profile fixed windows in Toronto

Double Lift Out Slider Vinyl Windows

Created with two side-by-side sashes (adjustable panels), double lift out slider vinyl windows are ideal for individual offices or rooms. This style of window is broad in its versatility, and can be made with -it’s no wonder that they’re the most popular choice for windows in Toronto.

If your business operates in a heavily wooded area or somewhere with significant landscaping, double lift out slide windows are an ideal alternative to windows that swing outwards as they won’t obstruct outdoor elements. You’ll be able to control airflow entering your place of work by simply sliding the window.

Here at Burano Doors, we’ve manufactured our double lift out slider windows with a mix of crucial features to ensure they are a cut above the rest. One of these features are drainage flaps that keep wind and unwanted insects outside. Additionally, the flaps can only open if there is a need to draining. Unlike other window products, our windows don’t unnecessarily have holes in our flaps. Other unique features include double-walled, full length integrated pull-rails, safety latches, built-in accessory grooves, and recessed finger latches.

Bay and Bow

Bay and Bow windows are famous for its grandeur and incredible aesthetic appeal. The grand look stems from the window style’s rounded half moon shape and large glass panels. As a result, these windows can fully illuminate any space, creating a gorgeous centrepiece for any business!

The “bay” portion of bay and bow windows are three-panel windows projecting from a building’s interior walls, anywhere from 18 to 30’’. The attached end units are traditionally casement windows which not only contribute to the interior aesthetic, but open outwards, increasing natural ventilation within the building.

In the centre of the installment, the featured bow windows don’t have the same angular look as the bay windows. Instead, bow windows in Toronto can be curved and are built with multiple windows, usually four or five to be precise! .

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are perfect for smaller office spaces or businesses.

Although these windows are often short in terms of width, they do have tall lengths and can make a room appear to have high ceilings. Casement windows are also a great option if your place of business needs regular natural ventilation. The design is produced with a hinged sash swinging outwards (just like a door would). Additionally, crank handles makes operation user-friendly for all that are in your business, and it doesn’t take away from the minimalist, clean look!

If you’re looking to elevate your business with new or replacement windows in Toronto, contact Burano Doors today.

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