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Top 7 Replacement Window & Door Terms To Know

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Apr 04, 2019

Top 7 Replacement Window & Door Terms To Know - Burano Doors

Home Improvement has been a booming industry in the last few decades and especially in recent times.

With extremely competitive housing markets, many people are trying to maximize the value of their properties and make them stand out above the crowd. Home repair projects often consist of fresh coats of paint, updating appliances, and the installation of replacement doors and windows in Toronto.

We believe that consumers should be well-informed when making purchasing decisions, and that sellers should offer transparency in their business practices. It can be hard to navigate through the window and door replacement process as there are so many factors to take into consideration–things like the quality or energy efficiency of your products.

We’ve identified 7 must-know terms that can help make the best decision for you and your home’s market value.

Energy star certification

Whether you’re getting a new replacement window or door, it’s good for consumers to understand the importance of purchasing products that have been tagged as energy star certified.

Energy Star is a government-endorsed organization that acknowledges the most energy efficient products in a number of industries, including the world of windows and doors replacement. Energy star certification ensures that the products you purchase have:

1. Surpassed industry standards based on a heat-loss test
2. Passed an air leakage test
3. Been analyzed for potential solar gain

Getting the energy star symbol stamped on your product is no easy feat– they need to be tested by an accredited third party to qualify for energy star certification. As a buyer, it’s important to note that energy star ratings can be “faked”, but the good news is that there are ways to avoid getting a falsely labelled energy star product.

To be sure that a product was not tampered with, look into purchasing products that received the energy star certification from a reputable accredited third party. So, if you’re purchasing a new window and the third party that approved the product has a questionable website and zero reviews, they’re probably not to be trusted.

Instead, you should look for organizations that carry out multiple forms of testing to determine energy efficiency- companies like the CSA group! CSA group conducts two in-house tests: physical and thermal tests. That way, they have two methods to screen the efficiency of a product and can produce a reliable evaluation. In the long-term, if you’re putting your house on the market, potential purchasers will appreciate that your home is energy star approved!

Replacement doors and windows in Toronto after they were installed by Burano Doors

Canadian Standards Association

As we mentioned previously, it’s important to look for trustworthy third parties to put a stamp of approval on the replacement windows or doors you’re purchasing in Toronto.

CSA, or the Canadian Standards Association is one of these organizations. The CSA test and inspect products, and after they’ve passed thorough look over, certify them for compliance, safety and global market access. The CSA is industry-leading in how they deliver their tests and with over 100 years of experience, can definitely be trusted by consumers.


We’re aware that most people understand the broad definition of installation, but in terms of getting replacement doors and windows in toronto, there are some additional related elements.

Firstly, when you’re looking to get your replacement products installed, it’s best to avoid any potential headaches and get the job done professionally by a reliable, reputable and well-trained team.

Even better– find an installation crew that has been subject to frequent training and installation inspections. To ensure you’re satisfied with the installing process, you can refer to an installation checklist!


Again, this is probably a term that everyone is generally aware of.

If you’re making a purchase as big as window and door replacements in Toronto, why pay a premium with a middleman seller? Instead, try to find a factory-to-door seller that can offer you the same high-quality products for a fraction of the cost. When selecting a manufacturer, it’s best to look into products that have a lifetime warranty.

Here at Burano, we offer a lifetime warranty that serves as

1. A commitment to a long lasting relationship with our clients, as well as
2. A reflection of our internal policy to only create the best products possible.

Low E (Emissivity) Glass

This is a niche term that can be specific to windows and doors as doors can have glass panelling.

Low E (Emissivity) glass is glass with a transparent, metallic oxide coating that can be applied either onto or into a glass surface. This coating on the glass permits short-wave energy to pass through while reflecting long-wave infrared energy, improving the U-value (thermal transmittance). The “E” stands for emissivity, and low-e glass can be applied with either a soft or hard type of coat.

Hard coats are welded onto the pane with a thin metal coating. Alternatively, soft coat units tend to radiate better as they are comprised of tiny metallic particles. Ultimately, it’s best to look for glass panelling that classifies as low E.


Durability is defined as something that can withstand pressure, wear and tear, or damage.

In analyzing the durability of doors and windows, they should be highly resistant to rust, rot, flaking, peeling, warping or wear from the weather (especially versatile Canadian weather!) and require very little maintenance. If a product is classified as durable, it will save you the labour of maintaining them through regular washing and cleaning.


A warranty is a written guarantee provided by a seller or manufacturer to the consumer that ensures they will cover the associated costs and labour involved in repairing or replacing a product within a specific period of time.

Often, many replacement doors and windows in Toronto come with a limited warranty, but why stress over damage in the future when you can find products with a lifetime warranty! At Burano doors, we offer a lifetime warranty and no-cost replacement parts to our consumers to provide a stress-free experience.

Hopefully these terms help you in your renovation journey, but if you need to refer to other terminology, check out this all-things-windows-and-doors glossary. Contact Burano Doors today to book a free in home estimate and get the process of finding the perfect replacement windows and doors in Toronto started!

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