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Top 7 Reasons to Get a Porch Enclosure in Toronto

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Aug 27, 2021

Top 7 Reasons To Get A Porch Enclosure In Toronto - Burano Doors

By setting up a porch enclosure, you can turn your exposed porch or deck into a private and sheltered place that also serves as a buffer against pests, outdoor elements, noise, and even crime-related threats.

But amidst the numerous benefits of having a porch enclosure, most Canadians fall in love with this home upgrade because of what it can offer during the winter season. With porch enclosures in Toronto properties, you would never need to run from the cold air again. The porch enclosure serves as an effective buffer and a space where you can calmly take off your snow boots and have a comfortable place to settle indoors.

If this one benefit sounds amazing, wait until you hear the rest. This article shows you everything you can gain by having a porch enclosure in Toronto.

Enclosed porch on home doors in Toronto

But First, What Exactly Is a Porch Enclosure?

If you’ve done a bit of research on this topic already, you may notice that you will find different results online when you type “enclosed porch” versus “porch enclosure.” Essentially, an enclosed porch or porch enclosure is the same thing. Under these broad terms, there are various kinds of enclosures such as:

  • Screen rooms – these have a roof and surrounding screen to keep bugs out.
  • Sunrooms – these have glass all around, sometimes including the roof, allowing for star-gazing.
  • Three-season rooms – these have a roof, walls, doors, and windows to allow you to sit comfortably in the area during spring, summer, and fall.
  • Four-season rooms – these have a roof, walls, doors, windows, and cooling/heating systems to allow you to sit comfortably in the area, all year-round.

In Canada, however, the term “porch enclosure” is generally used to refer to either three-season rooms or four-season rooms, given the country’s climate. This is also the scope of our article, in terms of the following benefits.

The Benefits of Having a Porch Enclosure

1. Extra Insulation and a Calming Transition Space During Winter

Enclosed porches give invaluable insulation, especially during the colder months. Whether it is a three-season room or a four-season room, the enclosure itself acts as a buffer or an airlock against the brutal elements of Canada’s long winters.

Imagine walking back to your home during a snowy day. Without a porch enclosure, you might race inside, hoping to keep the cold air from entering your home.

But with a porch enclosure, you have a safe transition space where you and your guests can remove snow from your boots so that it doesn’t seep into the interior space. You can also equip this space with furniture that allows you to sit down as you prepare to go indoors or, conversely, before you go outside!

2. No Direct Elemental Strain on Your Windows

With an enclosed porch, the home’s windows inside the enclosure are safe from the elements. The home is not in direct contact with harsh winds, precipitation, and even the rays of the sun. This means that you can enjoy reduced maintenance on these sheltered windows.

3. An Additional Multipurpose Living Space

With an exposed porch, patio, or deck, you may find yourself unable to utilize this space during certain months. Canada, after all, is one of the coldest countries in the world. So as winter draws near, the exposed porch also becomes less inviting.

But with porch enclosures in Toronto properties, you can enjoy the added square footage for a number of uses. If you opt to have a four-season porch enclosure installed, you can even use the space comfortably during winter.

Here are some things you can do with a porch enclosure:

  • Added sitting space for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor views
  • A new hobby space that’s surrounded by natural light
  • Entertain guests
  • Enjoy meals with a view
  • A sunlit reading area
  • An effective space for growing potted plants
  • Added storage space


Porch enclosure Toronto with large glass panels

4. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Aside from being a buffer to the elements, installing porch enclosures in Toronto houses is also a way to add security and privacy to your home. An enclosed porch is like a barrier between the outside world and the interior space of the house; it protects potential points of entry or intruders from looking in your home’s door and windows.

According to a study, 34% of burglars use the front door and 23% use the windows to enter a house. With an enclosed porch, you are well on your way to avoiding being a part of the above statistics. In fact, aside from being a physical barrier, the enclosed porch is also a psychological deterrent.

Burglars, thieves, and other suspicious characters will think twice before going through all the hassle to go through a strong physical barrier, such as a well-constructed enclosed porch.

5. Protection from Mosquitoes During Summer

Enclosed porches are also safe havens from May to September, when mosquitoes are most rampant in many parts of Canada. With an enclosed porch, you can enjoy the sweet sunshine and summer views without needing to worry about applying bug spray.

6. Noise Reduction

Enclosed porches don’t just protect you from the elements. They also reduce noise that gets into the house. Noise from the busy street is reduced by having an enclosed porch embracing the front of your house.

7. Increase the Value of Your Home

Though some home upgrades will depreciate greatly over time, an enclosed porch will give an average return of investment of around 80%.

Stylish, Durable, and Energy-Efficient Doors & Windows For

Your Enclosed Porch

An enclosed porch is only as good as the door and windows that you use in its construction. Burano Doors and windows are designed to give you top-notch durability and energy efficiency with customizable features to match.

For questions and price estimates, contact Burano Doors today. Our experts will walk you through all of your options and help you design the perfect porch enclosure for your home.

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