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Screened-In Porch Ideas to Get Ready for Summer

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: May 06, 2020

Screened-In Porch Ideas To Get Ready For Summer - Burano Doors

Adding a screened-in porch becomes an even more attractive idea to many homeowners in the summer season. It’s a fantastic way to transform your porch into a functional living space that you and the whole family can enjoy.
Get inspired to start your next home makeover project with these beautiful screened-in porch ideas. Let’s delve right in!

A Breezy Home Office

If you’re working from home these days, it’s an excellent opportunity to turn your screened-in porch into a workspace. If you homeschool your children and they’re struggling to focus, a little change in scenery can always help.

You don’t need a lot to set up your home office. All you need is a weatherproof desk and an ergonomic chair. It’s best to keep electronic devices and books indoors. You can take them outside with you whenever you need to work and pack away once you’re done. This way, you don’t run the risk of theft or getting them damaged when it rains. Install additional lighting fixtures to ensure your porch is well lit and conducive for working or studying even in the evening.

Adding a screened porch will make a world of difference to your working habits. A bit of sunlight and a view of thriving plants from your garden can boost your productivity and creativity.

Play Area for Kids and Pets

If you live with children or fur babies, you can try a child and pet-friendly screened-in porch idea where they have adequate space to do fun activities or run around. The see-through quality of the screened porch allows them to bask in natural sunshine in the morning, which is known to have a lot of positive effects on health and emotional wellness. Because the whole area is secured with fibreglass mesh and a screen door, you don’t have to worry about intruders getting in or the kids or pets getting away. Mosquitoes and curious squirrels are also barred from entering and interrupting playtime.

Suspended Swing for Sitting

Make your screened porch many times more stunning with a suspended swing for sitting or sleeping. It’s the perfect place to be when the weather is warm. You can take a nap, enjoy coffee or tea, or get lost in a novel while sitting comfortably in your swing.

Screened-in porch idea with suspended swing

A Unique Place for Guests to Sleep

Give guests an unforgettable experience of sleeping under the stars. Get a comfortable sofa bed, warm blankets, and have a couple of sleeping bags ready just in case. Don’t forget to have electric fans around to promote air circulation in case the night becomes hot and humid. When no guests are coming for a sleepover, this cozy screened-in porch idea can be used as a relaxing nap area or for simply lounging around. It’s a must-try primarily if your porch is located on the side or rear of your property, so there’s more privacy.

Al Fresco Dining Area

Eating out will take on a new meaning in your household when you decide to convert your screened porch into an additional dining area with a view. A breakfast nook or coffee nook is also an excellent option if your porch cannot fit a full-sized dining set.

A Living Room Extension

If you don’t have a foyer or a hallway and your front door opens directly to your living room, a screened-in porch would be a smart strategy to achieve a sprawling space for seating. To create continuity and cohesiveness in the two areas, apply the same theme you have in your living room into your screened porch. You can do it by painting it the same colour or with subtle touches with the pillow’s prints, the kind of rugs, or decors.

A Spot for Summer Staycation

Turn your screened porch into an inviting spot for summer staycations. If you’ve got the resources, build a proper pool in your backyard porch. Nevertheless, you can also pull off this screened porch idea with an inflatable pool, a little table and chair, and delicious beverages to cool down.

A Pretty Front Porch Garden

Bring a bit of nature into your home by turning your screened porch into a plant sanctuary. Plants will have less chance of dying here because they’ll always be showered with natural light during the daytime. The porch also gets good air circulation and levels of humidity.

Screened porch on the second floor of the house

Fill it with all types and sizes of plants imaginable. Position oversized plants into corners to create a dramatic effect. You can also layer ferns with fronds and flowering plants to create depth and diversity. Surrounding yourself with plants has several benefits, such as giving you a sense of calm and hopefulness. It’s one of the best screened-in porch ideas to enhance the facade of your home. It’s the first thing that welcomes guests when they come over.

Different Types of Screened Porches

If you don’t have a porch at the moment, you can always have one installed. There are many options when it comes to screened porch ideas depending on the structure and design of your house.
The most popular types of screened porches are:

  • The Wraparound Porch – Otherwise known as the veranda or lanai, the wrap around porch encloses two sides of the house.
  • The Gable-Style Porch – It’s a type of porch that shows a triangular-shaped roof.
  • Three-Season Porch – This porch adapts to different weather and season conditions with removable screen and glass panels.

Whatever of these exciting screened-in porch ideas, you decide to go with, never skimp on security and style. Pair it with stylish and sturdy screen doors from Burano Doors. We carry a vast collection of premium-quality and custom-made doors. For more information, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to help you.

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