When Is the Right Time to Buy Windows and Doors
September 3rd 2018

When Is the Right Time to Buy Windows and Doors?

As with many things in the world, there’s a season for everything. This goes for replacing windows and doors, as well! To many, it’s fairly obvious that the best time to undergo a window and door replacement is in the warmer spring or summer months when the weather is ideal, because no one wants to plan a window or door replacement project in the freezing Canadian cold. In reality, the installation of windows and doors doesn’t always rely on temperature or weather conditions. When you work in partnership with one of the most experienced and knowledgeable window and door installation company like Burano Doors, you won’t need to cater to Mother Nature– we will cater to you.

We recommend shopping for your new windows and doors approximately 1 to 2 months prior to your scheduled installation date. The busiest time of year for windows and doors companies tend to occur during the months of April to May, so choosing a time during off-peak months is your best option. This will give you greater choice and flexibility with the company you end up working with. Shopping for windows and doors in advance means that the window and door styles you choose have time to get ordered in, and allows custom designs to get built, shipped, and delivered on time for installation.

Here’s what you can expect when buying windows and doors in each season, and the best and worst times of year to replace them.

Purchasing Windows and Doors in Warmer Months
Your safest bet is to purchase windows and doors during the warmer months of the year, such as the spring and early summer. There are many reasons why we recommend purchasing windows and doors at this time of year, one of which is that you won’t be exposed to cold drafts that force you to turn up the heat, and also your heating bill! This is especially important if you’re planning to purchase multiple windows and doors for your home.

When the weather is warmer, caulk is able to adhere much more effectively than it can when it’s freezing cold out. Silicone caulk can be applied in colder weather, but the caulk will need be be warmed before application so that it applies as smoothly and evenly as possible.

You will also need to consider what contractors call the “movement of the substrate”. Materials such as vinyl and aluminum expand in warm weather and contract when it’s cold. If windows and doors are caulked when it’s too cold out, the caulk could crack and split once the materials contract as the temperature winds down. On the other hand, caulk won’t cure properly when it’s too hot out when temperatures reach above 27 to 32 degrees Celsius, so avoid window and door installation during a heat wave.

Purchasing Windows and Doors in the Fall and Winter
Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid window and door installations during the cold, Canadian winters. This is especially true if your window ir cracked or broken, since you can’t exactly wait around until the weather warms up before replacing it. Having proper window and door installation will help keep your monthly heating and cooling bills in check, as broken or cracked windows and doors will allow the outside weather to affect the temperature inside your home. If that’s the case, not all hope is lost! You will need to bare in mind the following precautions to ensure the door or window is replaced as safely as possible.

  • Schedule installation on a warm, sunny day – This is best if they arrive mid-morning. This will give the materials a chance to properly warm up and expand accordingly. Be cautious of a rainy forecast, as some sealants need up to 24 hours before they can be exposed to water.
  • Ensure silicone-based caulk is applied around the window as opposed to acrylic or latex – Silicone-based caulk works more effectively and will adhere to windows better in colder temperatures, while also waterproofing. This will make the heating and cooling more efficient in your home so that you can save on your energy bills.
  • Ask your contractor to work one window at a time – This is especially true if you are replacing your doors and windows in the dead of a Canadian winter and it will keep your home from becoming a freezer. It may also help to close interior doors that lead to the rooms in which windows are being replaced so that the rest of your home is kept warm.

If you’re planning to undertake a home improvement job by purchasing doors and windows, rest assured that it can be scheduled at anytime of the year. However, we recommend taking advantage of the warmer months in the spring and early summer to upgrade the appearance and value of your home with brand new doors and windows with Burano Doors.

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