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Reuse Old Windows & Doors as Decor

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Jan 26, 2022

Reuse Old Windows & Doors As Decor - Burano Doors

If you’re getting new replacement windows or doors, you may be wondering what to do with your old ones. Are you going to recycle or dispose of them? How about giving them a new life?

Instead of letting them end up in the junkyard, you can transform old windows and doors into pieces that will add beauty to your home. In this article, we share fun and creative ways on how you can upcycle or repurpose old windows and doors.

Let’s get started!

A woman wears PPE while sanding an old window frame

Safety Notes For DIY Projects with Old Windows and Doors

  • When handling old windows or doors that contain broken glass, make sure to take added precautions by wearing the appropriate type of personal protective equipment (e.g. heavy duty gloves, goggles, etc.)
  • These projects are not only fun and fulfilling to do with loved ones, they may also be safer that way. Some window or door components are heavy. Ask for help when needed.
  • Because these projects may involve broken glass and heavy materials, it is not advisable for children to partake unless they are supervised by a parent or guardian.

Now that we’ve covered these safety notes, let’s get to the cool DIY ideas!

1. Chalkboard Window

Give your preloved old windows a second shot at life by turning them into a charming chalkboard that doubles as a creative communication board.

This kind of decor is perfect for home use as a bulletin board or to-do list. In a restaurant setting, the chalkboard window can also be used to announce specials and promos. It’s that versatile!

Essentially, there are two ways to make a window into a chalkboard.

The first option is to use erasable glass markers on the window’s glass. This way, you won’t need to paint the glass with chalkboard paint. You can simply put black coloured paper under the glass to achieve a striking look.

However, if you want the authentic chalkboard experience and you prefer to write with chalk, then you’ll need to paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Whilst doing so, here are some tips:

  • Remember to first wipe the window clean prior to painting.
  • Cover the muntins and the window frame with newspaper while painting the glass.
  • Use between four to six coats of paint to mimic a real blackboard look.
  • Allow the glass to dry for 48 hours before use.

We love this DIY Chalkboard Window from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

2. Decorative Old Window Mirrors

This old windows DIY repurpose project works really well with windows that have compartments separated by muntins. Vintage, worn out frames can create a really unique look. However, a plain window without muntins can also be an interesting frame for a functional, uninterrupted mirror surface.

Creating a decorative mirror from old windows is a matter of replacing the glass with mirrors. You’ll need mirrors cut specifically for the dimensions of the window. You will also need caulking to secure the mirrors into place on the frame.

By hanging up a decorative old window mirror on your wall, you can create the illusion of more space and help make the space brighter.

An old window repurposed into a mirror

3. Window Photo or Art Frame

Another beautiful way to repurpose old windows is by using them to display photographs and artwork. The trick is to select images that either fit the panes completely or have at least an inch around all the edges for a clean border.

If you have a window that’s exceptionally old, you can pull off an authentic vintage aesthetic by printing your photographs in black and white or sepia. You can make a series of old window photo frames for your gallery wall or showcase it as a stunning fireplace mantelpiece.

4. Window Serving Tray

Transform your old window frames into eclectic serving trays. Jazz up the glass portion of the window with anything you please.

You can paint your window frames and the glass with florals or patterns on them. Try a glass etching or French embossing technique. Draw doodles with dry-erase markers. Experiment with decoupage art. The only limit is your imagination! Attach unique and colourful drawer handles on either side of your serving tray for easy handling and added flair.

Here’s a charming DIY Etched Map Serving Tray made from old windows by Design Sponge.

5. DIY Rustic Table from Old Windows and Doors

Perhaps one of the coolest and most practical upcycle ideas for old windows and doors is to salvage viable parts and use them to build a writing desk or coffee table.

The glass portion of the old window frames serves as a smooth and flat surface for the table. Meanwhile, the rest of the desk or table can be made from repurposed old doors. Sand the surface lightly and then paint or coat with a varnish afterwards to achieve a shabby chic or rustic effect.

A man making a DIY rustic table from old windows

6. Old Windows or Doors As Space Dividers

Large old windows and doors can be upcycled into space dividers. The best part is you will also likely get to save costs in the process.

For medium-sized old windows, you may need to join two windows together to get the height you want. However, if you plan to use old doors, they’re as-is height will usually suffice. A touch of paint or varnish may be needed to spruce up your old windows or door.

Most dividers are either affixed from the ground or hung from the ceiling. When it’s time to set up your space dividers, we recommend getting the assistance of a professional for your safety.

7. Old Windows and Door Greenhouse

If you have the right building skills and you’d like to take on a challenge, you can aim high and construct a greenhouse made entirely from old windows and doors. This works perfectly if you are replacing many windows and/or doors in your property at once.

Check out this stunning greenhouse from Off Grid World.

A greenhouse made entirely of old windows

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