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Increase your Home Value by Replacing the Windows and Doors

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Oct 23, 2020

Increase Your Home Value By Replacing The Windows And Doors - Burano Doors

There are many ways to renovate your home to increase its value. Some renovations are mostly aesthetic and are meant to boost a property’s curb appeal – such as reworking the landscaping or getting the interiors repainted. Other renovations are more pricey – such as waterproofing the basement or replacing faulty pipes.

Some projects, like replacing windows and doors, have both aesthetic and practical benefits. So it’s no wonder why this kind of home renovation can increase your home value. Whether you’re having your home appraised or just wanting to give it a bit of a makeover, let’s get started!

Everything You Need to Know About Home Appraisals

A home appraisal is an objective assessment, completed by a real estate appraiser to estimate your home value. There are two main approaches when doing this: through direct comparison and through analyzing the cost.

Finding the Home Value Through Direct Comparison

With this approach, the real estate appraiser forms an estimate of the home’s value by looking at completed sales, pending sales, and listings that are similar to the property being analyzed.

Finding the Home Value Through Analyzing Cost

Another approach that can be used alongside or in place of direct comparison is cost analysis. Here, the real estate appraiser considers the land and building components of the property and estimates how much is the cost to replace the property or to reproduce it. The total estimate would consider depreciation as well as improvements (or renovations) made to the property.

Replacing Windows And Doors - Burano Doors

Why Does Replacing Windows and Doors Add Value to My Home?

We mentioned earlier that replacing windows and doors can add value to the home because of its aesthetic and practical benefits. Let’s dive deeper into these benefits:

Improved Curb Appeal and Interior Design

Let’s start with curb appeal. When people are in the market to make a big investment, like buying a home, a portion of their buying decision comes from a gut feel. This is why making a good first impression can make all the difference.

When anyone, whether it’s the real estate appraiser or potential buyers, first sees your home, the front door and windows are one of the first elements they’ll notice. These external elements can tell two kinds of stories: they tell the buyer that the house would need a lot of work/repair or that the house has been well-kept by the seller. Therefore, having up-to-date windows and doors can alter opinions about your property.

From the inside of the house, replacing windows and doors would make an impact on the interior design in the same way. Potential buyers may approach the windows instinctively and take time to look at what kind of views they offer, how much sunlight they allow, and/or if they’re all functioning well. And as for doors within the house, these are the first things buyers see before they enter a room, yet again serving as elements that can make or break a first impression.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Now we move on to one of the practical reasons why new windows and doors add to your overall home value. With the right kind of replacement windows and doors, you can prevent outside air from infiltrating the house and keep indoor air inside.

There’s more to it than having well-sealed windows. For instance, the cutting-edge windows manufactured by Burano are approved by ENERGY STAR and are equipped with Hydraglass 50™ warm edge technology. Installing more energy-efficient windows actually reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 15%. If you pair this with Burano Doors that are designed to have a high R-value (i.e. high thermal insulation capacity), the energy savings could be even more!
These kinds of energy-efficient features are exactly what practical buyers are looking for.

Happy young couple looking at their energy savings

Let Natural Light In (Without Destructive UV Rays)

Maximizing the amount of natural sunlight coming into the house can only be beneficial to the occupant and the home value. This is because a vast majority of potential Canadian home owners take the amount of natural light that a property gets as a top consideration. Keep in mind that sunlight offers many health benefits – while also adding more liveliness to the home’s interior. Furthermore, by fully utilizing daylight, this can help to reduce one’s power bill.

So all in all, natural light ties back to aesthetics as well as energy efficiency. The best part is that high-quality windows made by Burano offer the added benefit of UV protection, thereby giving all the benefits of natural light without the harsh effects of UV rays on the home’s interior and furniture.

Benefits are Long-Term

Unlike some home renovations that fade within a few years (e.g. fresh paint) or need due maintenance to stay fresh (e.g. landscaping), high-quality replacement windows and doors will continue to offer benefits and add to your home value for years to come.

The longevity of this renovation all depends on getting the right kind of windows and doors from a trusted manufacturer. This type of renovation is virtually maintenance-free which encourages some homeowners to prioritize replacing windows and doors, perhaps months or years before they sell their home. This way, everyone can enjoy the benefits of having updated windows and doors while they gradually prepare the rest of the home for an appraisal.

Get High-Quality Windows and Doors for the Best Price

Burano Doors is a trusted manufacturer and seller of modern doors and windows that are designed to add to your home’s aesthetic while also adding to your home value.

We can customize your windows and doors to be as unique and intriguing as you like. We create these pieces ourselves and because of that, we can offer competitive pricing.
If you want to learn more or have questions for us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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