The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Front Door Colour
July 15th 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Picking Your Front Door Colour

Summer is the perfect time of year to give your front door the refresh that it needs. Whether you plan to give your front door a fresh coat of paint or you are shopping for a replacement door in Toronto, picking which colour you want to go with can be challenging, especially when you are not a design expert. But hey, absolutely no judgment here; most of us aren’t. Which is why we decided to put together this simple guide to help you find the front door colour for your home.

When in Doubt, Stick with the Classics

If you are really not sure what front door colour to go with, you can never go wrong with neutral hues. Browns and shades of black or grey will give your home a look that withstand the test of time. Similarly, navy blues and deep reds are considered classic front door colours like neutrals. Choosing one of these classic colours will allow for you and your home’s exterior style to change, as neutral hues can adapt with you. Additionally, you can opt to stain your door instead of painting it, emphasizing the door’s natural material or wood grain pattern.

Yellow and blue doors beside each other

Don’t Be Afraid of Colour

While the classics are always a safe option, there’s no need to be afraid of colour if you want your front door to pop. Some people are nervous when using bright colours in their home’s decor, but painting your front door a fun colour is the perfect chance to experiment! Make a bold statement for all your neighbours and passersby to see with a splash of orange, yellow, or lime green. If bright colours aren’t your forte, you can go in a more mild direction and try out a darker version of a bold colour like forest green, eggplant or burgundy. Colour should be embraced—not instill fear.

Try out the Monochrome Look

Alternatively, you can go in the complete opposite direction of colour and go with a monochromatic look for your replacement door in Toronto. If you want to highlight other architectural features and decor, such as sconces, columns and plants, a monochromatic colour scheme won’t make your front door the focal point of your home’s facade. Instead, it will provide a background for your desired features to shine in front of. An added bonus: this trick works especially well for smaller homes as it can visually enlarge your house.

Take Your Home’s Style into Consideration

The overall style of your home can help you to determine a front door colour. Bold hues make for a great accent to modern exteriors, whereas colours found in nature are well-suited to homes or cottages found in more rural areas. That doesn’t mean you can’t break the rules though. The use of unexpected colour can energize a traditional exterior or add a dash of wanted personality.

Don’t Forget Your Screen Door

A storm door acts as a second layer of protection against bad weather while simultaneously adding additional security. If your front door features a screen door or storm door, you should also consider giving it a little makeover. Sprucing up your front door without doing the same to your storm door can instantly age whatever changes you have made, especially if your storm door is worn from use. It might be time for a storm door replacement in Toronto if that’s the case. You can select a frame in a contrasting hue for a pop of colour.

Exterior replacement Burano doors at night

What About the Trim?

If you’re looking to completely revamp your home’s exterior, you might want to consider giving your front door’s trim a fresh coat of paint as well. It can add a nice point of contrast to your front door. White is the most standard colour for trims, but you can use a wide variety of colours to achieve the look you want. The possibilities are endless!

Test Your Colours Outside

Once you have narrowed down your options, make sure your test each colour outside. Paint can look very different depending on the lighting conditions that it is in. Generally, interior spaces are lit through artificially made light, therefore it tends to skew more yellow in hue, whereas exterior light will be bluer. Due to these factors, you won’t be able to get an exact idea of what certain colours look like if you only test them indoors.

Use the Right Kind of Paint

Making sure you purchase the right kind of paint for your replacement door in Toronto is just as an important step as picking the right colour. It is pretty much guaranteed that your front door will be exposed to the outside elements, so using the proper paint will keep peeling or fading from happening over time. Exterior latex paints will be able to provide you will the weather-resistant coverage you need. If your door is metal, you will also need to make sure the paint you choose has built-in rust protection.

If you’re in need of a replacement door in Toronto, look no further than Burano Doors. We offer a wide selection of exterior doors for you to choose from. To find the right door and colour for you, contact us today!

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