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How to Reuse Old Windows & Doors as Decor

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Sep 11, 2020

How To Reuse Old Windows & Doors As Decor - Burano Doors

Getting a new replacement window or door? What are you planning to do with your second-hands? Are you going to recycle or dispose of them? How about giving them a new life?

In this article, we share fun and creative ways on how to use old window frames as decor and helpful tips on repurposing doors and windows, which are otherwise headed to the junkyard, into pretty and practical pieces you can fall in love with again.

Let’s delve right in!

Chalkboard Window

Give your preloved window frame a second shot at life by turning it into a charming chalkboard that can double as a creative decor and convenient communication board.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Wipe your old window clean, paying attention to the frames and the glass portion.
  2. Cover the edges of the frames with old newspapers and tape.
  3. Spray the glass portion of the windows with a specialty chalkboard paint to make it a writable/erasable surface. Use between four to six coats of paint to mimic a real blackboard look.
  4. Let it dry completely within 24 to 48 hours. Wipe it with wet chalk afterwards to make the surface smoother and easier for writing.

Now, it’s time to find a good spot to hang your chalkboard window. This exciting old window frame idea will look absolutely perfect for farmhouse-inspired homes or restaurants. Use it to scrawl your grocery shopping list, display recipes for weekly menus, or exchange reminders among family members.

Chalkboard window

We love this DIY Chalkboard Window from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

Window Photo or Art Frame

Another beautiful way to incorporate window frames as decor for your home is by reusing them to display photographs and artworks. The trick is to select images that either fit the panes completely or have at least an inch around all the edges for a clean border. If you have a window that’s exceptionally old, you can pull off an authentic vintage aesthetic by printing your photographs in black and white or sepia. You can make a series of old window photo frames for your gallery wall or showcase it as a stunning fireplace mantelpiece.

A Unique Accent Piece for Country Chic Celebrations

Whether you are planning a rustic-themed wedding or simply love throwing out impromptu dinner parties in the garden for your loved ones, you can prop your old window frames and use them as a backdrop for your buffet table to set the mood and ambiance. Match with delicate white lace tablecloth or placemats, scented candles in mason jars, and a bunch of lovely flowers. You can also use a dry erase marker to write the menu and inspiring or funny quotes on the glass portion of the window for extra character.

Window Serving Tray

Here’s a great DIY project for anyone who loves to travel or who misses the thrill of going to new places. Use your old window frames as decor with a purpose by transforming them into eclectic serving trays. Jazz up the glass portion of the window with anything you please. You can paint your window frames and the glass with florals or patterns on them. Try a glass etching or French embossing technique. Draw doodles with dry-erase markers. Experiment with decoupage art. The only limit is your imagination! Attach unique and colourful drawer handles on either side of your serving tray for easy navigation and added flair.

Here’s a charming DIY Etched Map Serving Tray from Old Window via Designsponge.

DIY Rustic Table or Desk

DIY Rustic Table or Desk

Perhaps one of the coolest and most practical old window frame ideas on this list would be salvaging viable parts and using it to build a writing desk or a coffee table. The glass portion of the old window frames serves a smooth and flat surface that’s perfect if you want to use it as a work desk and put your laptop or have drinks and food on the table for entertaining family and friends.

This project also works if you are repurposing doors particularly if they are made of solid wood panels because they come in a convenient size already. Use the wooden door as a tabletop. Sand the surface lightly and then paint or coat with a varnish afterwards to achieve a shabby chic or rustic effect. If you are repurposing doors that have recessed parts, placing a glass on top can also be a convenient solution.

Bright and Airy Bathroom Shelf

Have you ever thought of repurposing doors and full-length glass windows as a bathroom shelf? It’s surprisingly easy to execute and is a smart strategy for every homeowner who wants to maximize storage but has limited available space in their bathroom. All you have to do is set up the glass door or long window against a wall and fasten it securely with screws. You can also use it as a partition for your shower area, although this would require a sturdier and more secure fastening.

Take advantage of panes with broken glass. They make excellent spots for hanging baskets and decorative containers to hold essentials. Aside from providing storage, old glass doors can reflect light, making the space feel bright, airy, and more spacious than it actually is.

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