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January 23rd 2020

Installing a New Replacement Door

When it comes to keeping our home safe and secure, doors are an important part of the equation. A solid door, for example, can prove a deterrent to would-be criminals or help keep those who try to break in out. They also stand between you and the elements, keeping you safe and cozy inside even when the weather outside is awful. By the same token, interior doors serve much the same purpose. They offer everyone living in the home a bit of privacy and protection. When doors of any kind begin to break down, it’s important to install replacement doors in Toronto as soon as possible. Here are some tips to help you with this task.

We’re going to take a look at exterior doors in this text. This guide should help you better understand the steps involved in successfully installing a brand new exterior replacement door in Toronto.

1. Measure the Door Opening and Prepare the Opening

The first thing you need to do is measure both the rough opening and the door to ensure they are compatible sizes. You might also need to prepare the door opening and remove any packaging that might be there. Make sure that you leave the brackets that hold the Toronto replacement door closed in place while you’re working on it.

2. Test-Fit and Center Frame and Door

The next step is to center the frame and door in the rough opening to see how the fit looks. Keep a level on hand and use it to ensure the Toronto replacement door is plumb, shimming under the lower jamb until the door is plump as necessary. Make sure that the door jambs are always square with each other and adjust the fit as needed.

3. Tracing the Moulding

Once the replacement door in Toronto is centred and the fit is good, it’s time to trace an outline of the moulding directly onto the siding. Once the outline is finished, remove the door and its frame.

4. Cut Outline and Create Drip Edge

Carefully cut along the outline of the moulding all the way down to the sheathing. Make sure that you are wearing safety goggles during this process and stop just short of the outline’s corners to help prevent damage to the remaining siding. Instead, finish cutting the corners with a wood chisel. Next, cut the drip edge so that it fits the width of the Toronto replacement door’s rough opening and apply building paper to the door frame and walls that are exposed. Slide the drip edge underneath the siding that is at the top fo the opening, but do not nail down the drip edge.

5. Check Fit Again

Before you actually install the door for good, make sure that it fits again. If the opening needs to be enlarged, it’s better to do that now than it would be a month or five down the road. When you’re satisfied the fit is correct, remove the replacement door in Toronto and apply multiple thick layers of silicone caulk to the underside of the doorsill. Go ahead and place caulk underneath the areas where the bottom of the brick moulding and the jamb will be, too.

Close up of tools needed to install a new replacement door in Toronto

6. Center Once Again

The end is nigh! It’s time to center the door once again. We do this to ensure that, after all of the alternations we’ve made in the previous steps, everything still looks good and fits properly. Once the replacement door in Toronto is centred in the rough opening, go ahead and push the moulding tightly against the sheathing.

7. Test Door Jamb

Next, you want to check the door jamb to determine whether or not it’s necessary to shim it. Next, drive two 3-inch drywall screws (#8) through the jamb to temporarily affix it in place. You’ll put the screws about two inches from the top of the top hinge and the other screw should be about two inches out from the center hinge. Bring the jamb back to plumb, loosening the screws you just put in place as necessary.

8. Cut the Shims

Create flat shims by cutting pairs of cedar shims (wedge shaped) and insert them into the gaps that exist between the jamb, behind the hinges, and behind the framing to help stabilize the jamb.

9. Install the Hinges and Remove the Retaining Brackets

Take the door hinges that were provided by the manufacturer and secure them to the door frame with the hardware included. Next, remove the retaining brackets that were set in place by the manufacturer and test the replacement door in Toronto by opening and closing it to ensure that it works as it should.

10. Install Anchor Screws

Taking long anchor screws, replace two of the screws in the top hinge, ensuring that they penetrate through the framing members to give the installation more strength and stability. Check with the manufacturer at this point to make sure you aren’t using screws that are too long – they could break the glass otherwise.

11. Anchor Moulding

Once the anchor screws are in place, use 10d galvanized nails to anchor the moulding to the frame. Place them ever 12 inches, then drive the nail heads underneath the surface of the wood using a nail set.

12. Adjust the Threshold and Apply Caulk

Insulate around the entirety of the door frame using paintable caulk. This includes filling all of the nail holes and insulating with weather stripping where needed. Next, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to finish the replacement door in Toronto and adjust the threshold.

13. Install a New Knob and Lock

Finally, we’ve reached the last steps! Install a new doorknob and a new replacement door in Toronto’s lock by placing the latch through the area for the new parts. Place the lockset tailpieces in the latch bolt and tighten the retaining screws to secure the handles together. Use a hand screwdriver to install the lock and knob if possible to avoid damage to the screws. Attach the strike plate in the jamb and make sure it fits the latch bolt, and you’re all done!

Replacement Doors Toronto

Of course, not everyone when is handy enough to take the DIY approach to install a new replacement door. If you need replacement doors in Toronto and aren’t sure that you can put them in yourself, don’t hesitate to call in the experts! Our team at Burano Doors can help ensure your new door is perfectly installed. Give us a call today!

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