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How to Install a Folding Door

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Sep 25, 2020

How To Install A Folding Door - Burano Doors

Folding doors or bi-folding doors have become a favourite among many homeowners for a multitude of valid reasons. They’re great for maximizing spaces and creating a connection between different rooms, especially indoor and outdoor areas, while enhancing the property’s overall aesthetic.

In this article, we talk about everything you need to know about one of the sleekest and most space-saving doors you can possibly have plus a step-by-step guide on how to install folding doors.

Let’s dig right in!

What Are Folding Doors?

Basically, folding doors are composed of a couple of sets of doors connected to each other using hinges. When they are opened, the doors collapse and fold back into themselves to create an opening to provide entrance and access to the user.

Installing folding doors are a perfect strategy to achieve the following benefits:

  • Split exceptionally large rooms
  • Seamlessly link living spaces
  • Usher in plenty of natural light into your home
  • Have privacy without consuming too much floor space for opening the door
  • Give an illusion of a brighter and wider space

There are countless spaces around the home that can level up with a folding door in terms of aesthetic appeal or with a smart space-saving solution. They’re one of the simplest ways to give your house a makeover without knocking down concrete or the actual architecture of your property.

Glass folding doors would look absolutely stunning when they are used to connect adjacent living spaces or to divide an open plan living space without feeling boxy and constricted. They are also perfect for bedrooms with walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms. Folding doors would also look amazing as patio or garden doors.

Types of Folding Doors

Folding doors come in a range of styles and can be customized to fit your needs. They are usually available in single leaf and multipanel designs. The most popular types of folding doors include:

Room Dividers

As its name suggests, room divider folding doors are used for providing a visual partition to separate two spaces. How to install this type of folding door depends on the number of panels it has. If there are an even number of panels, the access point is typically placed in the center while in the case of an uneven set of panels, the doors may be designed to open to the side.

Concertina Folding Doors

Concertina folding doors, otherwise known as slimline doors, are a series of narrow panels that fold and stack away into themselves like an accordion. They are most often used for built-in wardrobes and are the practical choice for rooms with limited spaces.

Bi-Fold Doors with Access Doors

In larger configurations of folding doors, access doors are fitted in the middle or on either side. They have the same function as internal doors and open independently from the rest of the folding doors to make an entrance and exit to and from the rooms more convenient.

Wooden floorboards and wooden-framed folding doors

How to Install Folding Doors, A Step by Step Guide

What You’ll Need:

Most folding doors can be installed with hardware kits, which you have to purchase separately. If you are planning to pull off a DIY folding door installation, you’ll also need the following materials:

  • A drill with a wood drill bit and screwdriver bit
  • Hammer
  • Pencil for marking


1. Install the Door Track to the Jamb

  • Slide the pivot guide into the door track.
  • Set up the door track on top of the door opening. Don’t forget to mark where you’ll mount the screw holes using your pencil.
  • Drill a pilot hole on the marks using your drill with a wood bit. Select one that is a size smaller than the mounting screws.
  • Put the door track in a position where the doors are slightly set deep inside the frame when they are closed. If you prefer to have them in the center, you can also do that.
  • Secure the door track in place with the mounting screws using a drill fitted with a screwdriver bit.

2. Push the Top Pivot Pin Into the Holes

Attach the top pivot pin into the holes on top of each of the door panels. Make sure to push the top pivot pin all the way into the hole. You can use a hammer to secure them in place.

  • 3. Put up the Roller PinFit the roller pin into the hole on the door panels. Use the hammer, if necessary, to fasten it securely but do it gently to prevent the internal spring from getting damaged.4. Install the Bottom PinInsert the bottom pin into the hole on the hinged door panel. Locate the pin that is on the same panel as the top pivot pin. Push the pin all the way in with a hammer.5. Fasten the Floor Bracket Install the bottom bracket onto the door jamb on the hinged side of the door panel. Drill holes and lock in with mounting screws. Typically, a couple of screws would be enough to permanently secure it into the side jamb but drilling an extra hole into the bracket can also be done if you want to attach it to the floor added security and stability. Make sure the center of the bottom bracket is at the same distance from the front edge of the opening panel as the center of the top pivot bracket to keep the doors correctly aligned with the jambs.6. Top it Off with a Door StopperAdd the spring-loaded door stopper into the end of the door track on the opening side. Push it manually without using a hammer as it can break off in a snap.

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