Choosing the Right Door Lock for Your Home
August 25th 2019

Choosing the Right Door Lock for Your Home

Most homeowners’ number one concern is security. They want to ensure that their home is the safest it can be to protect their family as well as their valuables. The trouble is when there are so many options available on the market, how do you know which choice is right for you?

Like beginning any other household project, the first step is to do some research. That’s why we’ve broken down the basics so that you can find out when the right time to get replacement locks in Toronto is and which types of locks are available.

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When to Replace Your Locks

There are a variety of reasons why it might be time to get replacement locks in Toronto. As a properly locked door is oftentimes your first line of defence against any kind of unwanted threat, it’s important to ensure that you are proactive in your care of them, including when it’s time to replace them. While you may regard this step as a wasteful cost, it is much less significant than what it will cost you should your lock malfunction, resulting in theft. Here are five instances where it’s time to replace your locks:

Worn-out Locks

As any home ages, so does its locks. Any wear and tear your locks suffer from can be a serious weakness in your home’s security. It’s easier to pick and break an old lock that is worn out. They can also be a lot more difficult to open with a key due to severe rust, tarnish, or other visible signs of wear—which can lead to getting locked out of your home, especially on cold nights. If this is the case, you might want to consider replacing your lock.

New Tenants/Roommate

If you rent out your property or a space within your home, it is a good cautionary step to replace the locks every time an old tenant moves out. Doing so will ensure that even if they return their key to you, there is no chance they can still get in if they made a backup copy. You will also be given the peace of mind that in the event of a break-in it wasn’t them.


If you find yourself the victim of a robbery, you should definitely get replacement locks in Toronto. If force was used on any external doors in order to gain entry, that kind of assault can compromise the integrity of your door’s security, which can put you at risk to another burglary. Additionally, someone might have access to your home’s key without you knowing, which is another reason why you should replace your locks.

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Missing or Stolen Keys

Every time your keys go missing or you suspect they have been stolen, get replacement locks in Toronto to maintain security. Start with your outdoor locks, which will give intruders direct access to your home, then move on to any indoor locks you may have. If you or someone you live with frequently loses their keys, it might be a good idea to install a combination door lock instead, which requires a code to gain entry.

Types of Locks Available


Handlesets are the simplest types of locks available on the market. If you’re looking for a more inexpensive replacement lock in Toronto, this might be the perfect option for you. They generally come in three different styles; decorative, lever-handle and the classic doorknob. The first two generally come with a deadbolt locking mechanism, while a doorknob can be used alone or with a deadbolt for extra security.

Electronic/Keyless Locks

While this option for a replacement lock in Toronto might be a little more on the costly side, it can be extremely beneficial. There is a wide range of electronic locks available on the market that don’t require a key to operate the deadbolt. All you have to do is punch in a code on a keypad to enter. Some locks can even be operated through a smartphone and include cameras so you can monitor your home from anywhere.

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Latch or Chain Interior Lock

These are the types of locks that TV apartments have made famous. They are installed on the interior side of a door’s surface and can only be latched or unlatched when you are inside. They provide an extra level of protection and resistance to anyone who may try to break into your home.

Multi-Point Lock System

Multi-point locking systems provide you with the ultimate protection. There are companies that provide a 3-point locking system that in addition to a standard deadbolt, has two more latches at the top and bottom of the door. When you lock your front door, all locks are automatically engaged, making this a convenient option for great security.

We hope you found this simple guide to finding a replacement lock in Toronto helpful! If you are looking to upgrade your home’s security even more, Burano Doors offers a wide selection of top-level security doors for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today!

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