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How To Bring More Natural Light Into A Home

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Published On: Oct 27, 2018

How To Bring More Natural Light Into A Home - Burano Doors

As the cold weather approaches and days begin to get shorter, it’s no wonder why homeowners want to bring as much light into their homes as possible. Homes with little to no natural light often feel smaller, gloomier, and dimmer. At Burano Doors, our team of professionals understand that many homes especially in Toronto are completely transformed once natural light is embraced and prioritized in the home.

If you’re looking to make a few home improvements to increase the amount of sunlight into your home, you will create a space that looks and feels brighter, livelier, and roomier. If you needed more convincing, sunlight has many positive effects not only on your home but can also impact your energy levels, your mood, and your metabolism. You may not even notice what limiting yourself from natural sunlight is doing to both your emotional and physical health, so the only way to see and notice a difference is to make the change to begin with.

Installing Expansive Windows
One of the best ways to bring natural light into your home is to have old windows replaced with high-quality, expansive ones. A set of bay or bow windows are excellent options as they allow lots of natural light to come through while also offering you a remarkable view. Aside from bay or bow windows, Burano Doors also offers a wide variety of window styles so that you can choose which would be the most appropriate for your home.

When choosing replacement windows to allow for more natural light, it is best to choose windows with thinner frames. This does not require enlarging any openings in the wall but will naturally grab more sunlight and bring it into your home.

Trade Walls for Windows
Embrace the sunshine and take advantage of your backyard view with the installation of sliding patio doors or garden doors. Opaque doors will obstruct your backyard view and make the room feel a lot smaller and compact. Sliding patio doors are advantageous because the large panels of glass offer a view of your decorated patio and garden are just as effective as a set of windows when it comes to allowing natural light in. This type of door is usually installed as a back entrance to your home and will naturally expand the space of a room.

If you want to incorporate natural light with your front door, you don’t have to get an entirely new set of glass doors! High quality fiberglass doors often come with doorlites, sidelites, and transom windows already built in. These decorative elements not only add great detail to your front door, but will also create a warmer, brighter front foyer.

Using Interior Design Tricks
Interior design tricks can be used to maximize the amount of natural light coming into your home from your windows and doors, so that light can be brought into every corner of your house. Mirrors can be placed around the room to reflect existing light, which brings not only aesthetic to your home but can also make smaller spaces look more spacious.

A variation of this interior design trick is to furnish your home with a few reflective pieces, such as mirrored tables or metallic chairs. Position your furniture so that it does not block windows or doors.

Painting your walls white or other light colours can also play a role in how light travels around a room. While dark colours such as grey’s or navy’s make a room look dimmer, bright hues such as yellow will illuminate your home immensely.

As a whole, there are many techniques you can implement if you are hoping to increase the amount of natural light coming into your home. This includes getting new, expansive windows, installing glass sliding doors and decorating front entryways with sidelites, doorlites, and transoms. Interior design tricks, such as leveraging the reflective quality of mirrors or metallics and painting your walls with the right colours can also help bring more light into your home. Once you try out these relatively minor home improvements, you will notice a world of a difference in its size and brightness.

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