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Give Your Closet the Makeover It Needs

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Oct 09, 2020

Give Your Closet The Makeover It Needs - Burano Doors

Closets are one of the most important spaces in the house. For many of us, this is a space that we turn to every day as we reach for clothes, bags, shoes, blankets, pillows, and various other things that are safely tucked away in this personal storage space. So, it’s no wonder that a cluttered, messy, dark, and drab closet is something we all want to fix.

If you’ve recently been inspired by the hit series ‘Get Organized’ during this period of quarantine, you’re not alone. There’s no better time than now to treat yourself to a proper closet makeover that addresses issues from the inside out. Think about it. Do your clothes have enough room? Is there a lot of wasted space in the closet? Does the closet door match the interior design of your room?

We’ll address the challenges you might face while undergoing a closet makeover with some helpful tips we’ve carefully curated in this article.

Part 1: Setting the Best Organization Practices

Oftentimes, tidiness is the number one problem with closets; just by organizing a closet’s contents, it can immediately look better. Here are some helpful tips to make your closet tidy – and to keep it that way!

Regularly Clear Out Clutter and Purge Unwanted Belongings

It’s important to revisit your closet contents every now and then to get rid of any unwanted clutter. Most people don’t realize that they are actually holding onto clothing, shoes, bags and other items that either don’t fit right anymore (holding onto something for sentimental purposes is totally okay). Take some time to review the clothes you have. Which ones still belong in your closet and which ones are better off donated to charity?

Separate Clothes by Season

An easy way to keep your closet neat and functional is to rotate your clothes according to the season. This way, you only have to sift through seasonally-appropriate outfits, cutting down the time it takes to get ready for the day. This tip is particularly useful for closets with limited space.

Keep Like Items Together

To be able to find your clothes a lot easier, make sure that similar items are grouped together. You can choose to group clothes by colour, style, length, and/or functionality. It’s entirely up to you and what fits best with your lifestyle.

Make Use of Labels

Stocking closet shelves with clear containers for smaller items like socks, underwear, or hats, makes it easier to find what’s inside. However, whether you have clear or opaque containers in your closet, labelling them accordingly will save you a lot of time when you need to find something. They also add a bit of flair and personality to your closet!

Woman looking through a tidy closet with multiple shelves

Part 2: Maximizing Closet Space

During your closet makeover, you may realize that even after decluttering it’s still lacking in terms of space. This might prompt you to remodel your closet to make it bigger – but before doing so, you can have a look at these tips to make sure you are maximizing the space that you have.

Install Drawers to House Smaller Clothes and Items

Use any extra space that’s under the closet rod/s not being used. Here, you can install drawers to hide away all your smaller items of clothing (underwear, socks, etc.) or smaller, valuable items (jewelry, watches, etc.) where they’re safe and easily accessible.

Use Shelf Dividers to Separate Items for Better Storage

One of the reasons why most of us aren’t able to maximize our shelving space is because it can get dishevelled quite easily as we continue to stack boxes on boxes of storage. This dilemma can easily be fixed by installing shelf dividers. With these in place, you can keep like storage with like storage on their respective shelves without it getting messy.

Consider Hooks for Bags and Hats

Bags and hats are often challenging items to store in a closet. They could be taking up a lot of space on any available shelves or countertops in the closet – but what if they don’t need to be there? Instead, you can put these items on hooks along the walls or perhaps on special hooks mounted on the inside of the closet door. You get to have these items properly displayed for your convenience whilst also clearing up valuable space that you can use for clothes or shoes.

Make Use of Revolving Racks for Scarves and Ties

Scarves, ties, belts, and other long, awkward items have a tendency to get wound up and cluttered inside of drawers. To save your belongings from becoming a total mess, while also making them accessible, you can install revolving racks from which to hang them. It’s practical and looks stylish.

A neatly organized open-concept walk-in closet with shelves and drawers

Part 3: Enhancing The Closet’s Look and Brightness

As you declutter the items in your closet, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to see all the shelves, drawers, and walls of your closet, fully bare. Take this chance to evaluate how your closet looks as it is and maybe make some adjustments.

Bring More Light to Your Closet

What your closet could be missing is some extra brightness. To bring more life to your closet try installing more than one source of light or choosing bulbs with a higher lumen level for walk-in closets. You can even try installing a strip of LED lights along the shelves or right above the closet rod. These small lighting tweaks can go a long way in uplifting the vibe of your closet.

Choose the Best Colour Paint

Neutral colours such as white, gray, beige, or tan are wonderful choices for your closet’s interior. These neutral colours give a pleasant backdrop for the multitude of colours that your clothes and items might have. If your goal is to make the closet look brighter and more spacious, white is definitely the colour to go with. White will reflect the light that’s coming from your closet’s light source/s to give an illusion of extra space.

Part 4: Having the Best Closet Door

You’ve worked on the inside of your closet, now it’s time to work on the outside as well! To complete your closet makeover, follow these tips to choose the best modern closet door.

Choosing the Right Closet Door For Your Style

There are endless types of closet door ideas to choose from to match your interior decor style. If you would like to save space in your bedroom, you may want to choose a sliding closet door or a closet door that folds at the hinge. If space is not really an issue, you can opt for a single door that swings out – or maybe even two for a dramatic double-door experience.

Go With a Trusted Manufacturer

Having a beautiful and sturdy closet door goes hand-in-hand with selecting a trusted door manufacturer and distributor. Here at Burano Doors, we make sure that each door we create is of top-notch quality, durability, and of course, aesthetic appeal.

As a manufacturer of doors, we can design closet doors according to your exact specifications and give you the best price as well. If you want advice for your next closet makeover or have any questions for us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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