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Flush Doors vs. Panel Doors

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Published On: Jan 19, 2022

Flush Doors Vs. Panel Doors - Burano Doors

Whether you are looking for interior doors or exterior doors for your home, one of the first forks in the road is deciding between flush doors vs panel doors. These two can be considered the main types of doors in terms of style.

Flush doors are given this name because of their flush, even surface. Meanwhile, panel doors have one or more panels (or divisions) on their surfaces.

Both of the terms “flush doors” and “panel doors” describe nothing more than the door’s surface. With the variety of door designs available on the market, being a flush door or panel door has little to do with the internal make of the door – unless the door is wooden.

In this guide, we compare flush doors vs panel doors in terms of their design impact, applications/uses, configuration options, and more.

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An interior flush door

Design Impact of Flush Doors vs Panel Doors

Given that panel doors have more detail, many consider them to have more design impact than flush doors. Moreover, panel doors offer more configuration options that match well with different styles. Here are some examples:

  • A one-panel door can be great for a minimalistic style;
  • A five-panel shaker-style panel door is great for modern homes;
  • A craftsman-style panel door is an ideal front door for a rustic look; and
  • An arch-top three-panel door is good for classic homes.

On the other hand, flush doors have a surface that is essentially blank. This means that there are no different configurations to explore under flush doors. But sometimes, the simplistic nature of flush doors is also the source of their appeal. Flush doors can look great in modern or minimalist homes.

Where Flush Doors and Panel Doors are Commonly Used

Both panel doors and flush doors can be used internally, externally, and as front doors. However, because panel doors are considered to have more design versatility, they are commonly chosen as front doors and flush doors are more commonly used as interior doors.

Additionally, flush doors are usually chosen for the interior doors of commercial establishments. This could be because of two things:

  • Flush doors have a more professional look
  • The even surface of flush doors makes them easier to clean

A flush door used in a commercial setting

Top Styles and Customization Options for Panel Doors

A flush door’s even surface can be completely smooth, bear a few lines, or appear planked. However, for panel doors, there are numerous ways in which panels can be arranged.

1. Number of Panels

Panel doors can have one panel or as many as 15 panels. The first idea that many people get is a panel door with evenly-sized square panels, resembling a chocolate bar. However, panels can also take on other shapes and sizes. This means that possible styles are nearly endless.

2. Arch Top, Chamber Top, Square Top, and Blank Top Panel Doors

When looking at panel door options, you may encounter terms that describe the top of the door, such as the following:

  • Blank top – there are no panels on the top portion of the door but panels are found further down.
  • Square top – the top panel(s) on the door are square. This type is fairly common.
  • Chamber top – the top panel(s) of the door resembles a dome or are curved at the top.
  • Arch top – the top panel(s) of the door resemble an arch. This is only slightly different from a chamber top panel door.

Examples of different panel door configurations from Burano Doors

3. Planked Panel Doors

When a panel door is “planked”, this means that some panels have textures made to resemble planks of wood. This is more common for doors with fewer and larger panels.

For examples of a planked panel door and various panel door tops visit Burano Door’s Classic Door Collection.

4. Craftsman Style Panel Doors

Craftsman-style doors are perfect for cottages, modern farmhouses, and rustic-style homes. An example of this kind of door is Burano Door’s Jasper Collection. This specific style of panel door exudes a traditional and practical charm.

The distinguishing features of craftsman style doors include the following:

  • Glass on the upper one-third of the door; and
  • Evenly-sized vertical rectangular panels (usually two or three) extending down from the glass portion of the door.

5. Shaker Style Panel Doors

Shaker-style doors are one of the most popular doors for modern homes. They are also great for achieving a minimalist look. Two examples of shaker-style doors are Burano Door’s Uno and Soho.

The distinguishing feature of shaker-style panel doors is their evenly sized horizontal rectangular panels placed one on top of the other, like in the photo below.

Different kinds of panel doors

Glass On Flush Doors vs Panel Doors

Both flush and panel doors can have glass. This is usually done when the door is used as an exterior door.

However, you’ll find numerous interior flush doors used in commercial establishments fitted with a small sheet of glass near the handle. This is called a side vision. Having a side vision along the entire length of the door (such as with Burano Door’s Linea) is also a front door style for homes that is gaining popularity.

Moreover, because flush doors are completely blank, this leaves plenty of freedom when it comes to glass arrangement and shape. Some exterior flush doors have small slivers of glass running through the entire length of the door; vertically or horizontally. Some even have special shapes like half circles.

Materials Used to Make Flush Doors and Panel Doors

Both flush doors and panel doors are available in different materials, including wood (hollow core and solid core), steel, vinyl, and fibreglass.

Chic, Durable & Energy-Efficient Flush and Panel Doors at Burano

If you’re looking for a new door for your home, Burano Doors has an extensive collection that you are sure to love. All the doors in our collection are stylish, made with choice materials, and energy-efficient.

Whether you are interested in classic panel doors, shaker-style panel doors, craftsman doors, or flush doors, we’ve got you covered. Fit your home with beautiful, energy-efficient, and durable doors today!

If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reach out. Our friendly team is always ready to help.

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