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Fibreglass vs. Steel Doors: Which is Better?

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Nov 17, 2022

Fibreglass Vs. Steel Doors - Burano Doors

When shopping for interior and exterior doors, homeowners may be faced with the “fibreglass vs steel doors” dilemma.

There are several factors to consider when weighing your options. In this article, we will cover these aspects to give you an idea if a new fibreglass door or a new steel door would be more beneficial to your home in the long run.

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Fibreglass vs Steel Doors

DurabilityExcellent, but may rustExcellent, but may crack
WaterproofWaterproof as long as coating is intact (no scratches or peels)Yes
FireproofYesYes, but heat, sunlight or extreme cold may cause or intensify off-gassing
Energy efficiencyModerateExcellent
SecurityVery sturdy and resistant to break-insModerately resistant to break-ins, but may be reinforced for better protection
AestheticsModern, industrial themes; may be styled to match the homeowner’s preferenceAvailable in many designs which can range from classic to modern
LongevityWill last long if rust is preventedWill last long but care must be taken to avoid denting
CostMid to High RangeExpensive

What Is a Fibreglass Door?

Fibreglass doors come in a variety of modern and timeless designs, are highly customizable, and can be manufactured to imitate the beauty of natural wood. They feature a core of rigid insulation sandwiched between fibre-reinforced polymers, which makes them just as sturdy as, but lighter than, steel doors. These doors can also be installed as exterior or interior doors.

What Is a Steel Door?

In the past, steel doors were typically used for commercial buildings. However, as industrial-themed homes became increasingly popular, more architects and designers incorporated steel doors into their designs as an intriguing focal point.  

A common misconception about steel doors is that they are made of solid steel, but in fact, they’re manufactured with polyurethane or polystyrene cores and encased in 26 to 24-gauge steel skins.

A solid steel door would be impractical to use as a home’s front door because it would be impossibly heavy to swing open, and would likely damage the hinges and the walls.

Steel door set against wooden walls

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Doors

As a front-entry door, a steel door would make a bold statement piece. Other reasons to get a new steel door include:

  • Using them as exterior or garage doors because of their outstanding security and durability.
  • If you’re living in a neighbourhood where forest fires are a significant concern, steel doors boast of an impressive fire rating.
  • Steel doors are usually cheaper than fibreglass doors.

Some disadvantages of steel doors for residential properties are:

  • You cannot DIY steel door installation because it’s very heavy.
  • They become too hot to handle due to extreme sun exposure, which can be a cause for concern during the summertime. As conductors, they are notorious for absorbing heat (or freezing temperatures) from the outside.
  • Steel doors are prone to rust, scratches, and dents. Because they cannot be sanded or painted, it might be hard to find accessible and affordable ways to fix wear and tears. However, waterproofing sealants and paints may be used to improve their resistance against leaks and rusting.
  • Ready-made steel doors have limited designs. If you want intricate designs, you need to get them custom-made.
  • Although the latest models of steel doors have been improved, they are still less energy-efficient than fibreglass doors.
Houses with turquoise and blue door

Pros and Cons of a New Fibreglass Door

Fibreglass doors address many of the issues associated with wooden doors and steel doors. Some of the benefits include:

  • Dramatically enhances your home’s overall curb appeal.
    • Fibreglass doors are aesthetically appealing and can be fabricated to look like any wood of your choice. There’s also no hassle if you want to spontaneously paint your fibreglass door a different colour every now and then.
  • Weather resistance.
    • Fibreglass doors are manufactured with high-quality synthetic materials that can endure impact and all forms of weather. They will not warp like wood or rust and corrode like steel. They also do not rot, swell, or shrink, which is common among less optimal materials whenever the weather fluctuates.
  • Low-maintenance.
    • Wiping them clean is all you need to keep them in pristine condition. Dents and scratches can be sanded and repaired quickly.
  • Energy efficiency.
    • They have an impressive ENERGY STAR® rating and can give you an instant return on investment by cutting back energy bills with a low risk of heat loss and gain.
  • Easier to operate and install when compared to steel doors because they are compact and lightweight.
  • Soundproofing.
    • Fibreglass doors are also wonderful options if you are particular about soundproofing your home from external noise.
  • Enhanced security
    • When comparing fibreglass vs steel doors, they are a match in terms of overall strength, depending on how they are made. For instance, Burano Doors are made with 4-inch lock blocks and reinforced laminated wood tiles. These doors are secure and resistant to severe weather.

As innovative as they are, fibreglass doors do have a few flaws. You may find that:

  • Off-gassing might be an issue. Poorly-made units emit certain fumes that become more apparent during warm or cold weather. Some individuals are very sensitive to these odours and may cause discomfort.
  • They come at steeper costs than steel doors. Nevertheless, with all these benefits, they can be a worthwhile investment you won’t regret getting.

At Burano Doors, Beauty Begins at Your Doorstep

Whether you’ve decided to purchase a new steel or fibreglass door for your home, we’re sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for in our extensive collection of high-quality doors. We have  wide range of styles and colours that take into mind the impeccable taste of both the classic and contemporary homeowners.  

If you need assistance choosing between fibreglass vs steel doors, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly representatives will be more than happy to give you expert advice and a FREE estimate to help you plan your home improvement project.

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