3 Dream Door Styles for the Minimalist
April 4th 2019

3 Dream Door Styles for the Minimalist

Have you heard of the phrase “less is more”?

It’s the foundation behind the minimalist school of thought, and can be applied to any part of your life. Minimalism is one of the hottest trends of 2019, especially with the rise of minimalism gurus like Marie Kondo–an active promoter of decluttering material possessions.

The ideology behind minimalism is to live functionally, with intention, and with simplicity. In the design world, there are several ways to adapt the philosophy for your space. Some people choose to have a lot of blank (empty) space, some use clean lines and hard edges in their furnishing choices, and some use bright and light colours to create an open feel.

Whether you’re entering a corporate building or a room, the door and entryway is the first thing that an individual will take notice of–it completely sets the tone of a space. If you’re looking to find a set of doors for your new home, or if you’re looking for replacement doors in Toronto, we’ve got you covered. You should never have to sacrifice living beautifully to live minimally!

We’ve narrowed down our top 3 door style picks to help you on your design journey:

1. Shaker Door

Considering that minimalism was born in the late 50s and is a (relatively) recent trend, it tends to be paired the most with modern styling.

However, not everyone lives in a “modern” home, and with older homes come outdated design, architecture, textures and style. We understand that everyone doesn’t have a limitless budget, and sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got!

The shaker door offers the perfect bridge between modern, minimalist trends and traditional styles. Shaker style doors were introduced to North America in the 18th century, and were originally developed in England. If you’ve got an older English-style home, this door is perfect for you! It features square edges and lines, and flat centre panels that offer just enough definition.

To fit the minimalism theme, we suggest trying a shaker style door with clear glass. If you’d like to let light in but have a bit more privacy, you can use chord glass.

2. French Sliding Doors

Patio season is just around the corner, and what better way to create an inviting indoor/outdoor space than with some gorgeous french sliding doors?

This style of doors offers convenience with its sliding feature combined with the aesthetic beauty of traditional french swing doors–it’s the perfect recipe for a focal point in any space! When looking for this style of door, it’s important to make sure that they are manufactured with high-quality materials and hardware. That way, you can be sure that it’s worth the investment and will be enjoyed for many years.

There are also additional features for you to consider and add on depending on your needs. Many minimalists are big fans of glass, as it brings in light and therefore reduces the amount of light fixtures you’ll need indoors. Coincidentally, one of the biggest indicators of a signature french door is the built in glass panelling. We highly recommend purchasing doors that are energy efficient, and the best way to ensure that you’re maximizing energy efficiency is to find french sliding doors that are energy star approved.

If you’re a minimalist on the hunt for doors with a european flare, french sliding doors are a great option for a replacement door in Toronto.

Image comparing Burano design replacement doors in Toronto

3. Design Doors
There is a common misconception that minimalism doesn’t involve much design, but it is just not excessive or “busy” design.

When choosing a design door, there are several options that fit within the minimalist aesthetic. You can choose simple glass panelling with a white border, or a solid colour door with engraved lines to create some interest and texture. Typically, with minimal design, the colour palettes are airy and neutral to create a sense of openness, cohesiveness between rooms, and ultra-clean lines.

Here at Burano Doors, we offer four styles within the design door range: Linea, Oso, Uno, and Vog. All of these styles offer stunning stylistic elements that will work beautifully in any minimalist home!

The Linea door features rounded lines engraved in the door to give a soft, modern accent to the door. If you want to let some light in your front door, you can add on glass panelling as well.

OSO doors are similar to the Linea, but instead of thick lines engraved, there are a series of thin lines engraved in the doors to give an ultra-modern look.
Looking for a pop of colour and a playful entryway? The UNO door is the door for you! This door offers several options in terms of glass panelling. You can choose to have one large panel in the center of your door with a thick border surrounding it, or up to five small panels to create an intriguing and unique twist to your replacement door in Toronto.

Finally, the VOG is another variation of the Linea, but the grooved lines stretch out further across the door– creating a sophisticated, European feel.

If you’re looking to get a replacement door in Toronto and bring some curb appeal to your home, we strongly recommend installing a design door! One bonus with doors that ooze minimalism is that they transition well through any design trend and are timeless. If you’re reinvesting into your home and are cautious of resale value (which you should be!) design doors with long durability are the way to go.

With over 40 years of experience and flexibility in terms of what we offer, Burano doors aims to help our customers find the perfect fit. Beauty begins at your doorstep! Contact us today to request a quote and get the process started.

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