April 24th 2019

What Door Styles Are Best For Security?

Whether you’re already in your forever-home, a temporary home or starter home, security is of utmost importance.

Many people in the housing market make purchasing decisions dependent on the security of the neighborhood and while that is crucial, people tend to overlook the security of a home itself.

Does it have an alarm system and secure doors and windows? If so, are they up to date?

If not, you can always look into finding new windows and doors in Toronto with Burano doors! We’ve highlighted three door styles for those that prioritize safety without wanting to sacrifice beautiful craftsmanship.

Photo of entry door in Toronto manufactured by Burano Doors

Fibreglass Exterior Doors

Fibreglass doors are surging as a home design trend due to their flexibility, durability and endless design options.

The fibreglass material is cut above the rest due to its high resistance to various forms of damage. It’s difficult to get a dent or scratch on this style of door, especially when comparing them to traditional wood doors. Fibreglass material is also fairly resistant to denting or buckling and has proven to be a worthwhile investment for many customers–these doors definitely stand the test of time.

Due to their composite door frame, fibreglass exterior doors are virtually maintenance free as well. Our doors have thick gauge steel door skin providing optimum resistance to weather and noise, and maximizing security. The frames are developed with standard cellular PVC and can insulate properties various properties. If you want added aesthetic appeal or light entering your home, you can even add glass panes to the window.
Here at Burano, our doors and windows are all equipped with energy star glass, making for the best energy-efficient doors in Toronto. Although people may see fibreglass as less stable than traditional steel or wood doors, they actually have a solid layer of insulation between the panels of glass, usually making them thicker than an average door.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are usually understood as a barrier to unwanted pests and dirt, but they have added benefits on top of keeping critters out.

Burano’s storm doors are manufactured with aluminum stiffeners that ensure enhanced longevity and strength, and are built to withstand the strong Canadian climate. Therefore, by adding an additional layer of protection, storm doors serve as a secondary buffer to outside elements. This secondary layer can also operate as an insulator keeping warm or cold air indoors by preventing air leakage.

On top of maximizing energy efficiency through air leak prevention and insulation, storm doors with full glass panels also maximize light entering your home. At Burano doors, we offer energy star products that have been certified by the Canadian Standards Association and laboratory tested to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

If you’re about the look of storm doors, you can choose designs that are both functional and beautiful. Many storm doors include full glass panelling so you have all the benefits of storm doors while your entry door is visible. Storm doors are ideal for those with young children or pets that may want to observe the great outdoors from the comforts of your home.

Additionally, storm doors act as a barrier to your entry door, saving costs on maintenance long-term. Storm doors are a cost-effective choice as it will keep your entry door in Toronto and ultimately your home safe from extreme weather, and extend the life of your entryway!

Here at Burano doors, we offer all of our clients the flexibility to customize storm doors suited to your personal preferences and needs. Our storm doors come with a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles. You can choose from oil-rubbed bronze, silver, or brass lever handles that all come with a matching door sweep. Ultimately, if you go with the right manufacturer, storm doors will definitely add security, functionality and beauty to your home!

Entry Doors

Entry doors are the ultimate barrier to your home, and that’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your front door maximizes security!

The doors constructed at Burano are laminated with wood stiles and 4 inch lock blocks for increased security. Additionally, we manufacture our steel and fibreglass entry doors so that you can save on energy, lower environmental impact and increase your overall comfort!

Considering that an entry door makes a huge impact on someone’s impression of your home, it’s important to look for a door that is resistant to rot and water damage. Doors that are constructed with steel, pine wood, and uPVC frames maximize durability, efficiency and ultimately security.

If you’re looking for an entry door in Toronto that will maximize curb appeal while keeping your home secure, Burano Doors has got you covered. We manufacture all of our doors in-house, ensuring superior quality and that you’ll save on premium costs of other vendors. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, providing replacement parts at no cost. Our installers have all undergone certified training programs, been subjected to random on-site inspections, and are experienced professionals. Here at Burano, we believe in providing quality, customized doors at a factory price.

If you’re looking to up the value of your home, contact us today.

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