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Choosing a Winter-Proof Door for Your Home

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Nov 21, 2019

Choosing A Winter-Proof Door For Your Home - Burano Doors

It’s no secret that winters in Toronto, and Canada in general, can get windy, brutal, and just plain cold. A new door is one of many possible solutions to help keep your home warm this season. Choosing the right door is much more than aesthetic if you want to keep the heat in your home and the cold weather out.

You’ll want to consider a variety of factors, including materials, weatherproofing, storm doors, as well as when to install your new door (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be during warmer weather!) Keep reading to see how each of these factors can play a part in finding the best new door to protect your home from the upcoming winter!

Door Materials

Not all doors are created equal, especially when it comes to winter-proofing. Some materials are better than others at protecting your home from the elements and ensuring that your home stays warm. Glass doors are never a particularly good choice for winter-proof doors, as glass is a poor insulator unless you’re planning on choosing a door with multiple glass layers, or an additional plastic insulator. Wood is also a poor insulator, and while common, it is not an ideal choice for keeping your home warm or energy-efficient this winter.

Fibreglass, by comparison, is a poor conductor of heat, so it will be much more efficient at insulating your home, and will, in turn, save you some money on your energy bill. Vinyl and steel doors are also a great choice for your door, as they are poor thermal conductors and will help maintain the temperature inside your home. What more do you want in a cold Toronto winter? The simple answer: weatherproofing.


It’s not enough to just have the right materials for your door, it should also be weatherproofed to help increase energy efficiency and protect your home from the cold outside. While you can weatherproof your existing door, you’ll see much better results installing a new door that comes already weatherproofed, or combining your new door with additional weatherproofing for maximum benefit. We’ve outlined some simple DIY- weatherproofing you can do at home, though you can always hire professional assistance if preferred.

The first step to weatherproofing your door is to add a door sweep that will cover any gaps between the door sill and your floor, which will help prevent any drafts entering your home. If your new door doesn’t come already weatherstripped, you can also add this as a simple DIY fix. Applying weather-proofing strips to each side of your door will help keep warm air in your home. You can also use insulating felt to the same effect. Finally, should your door have any glass panes that aren’t already weatherproofed, you can add a plastic film for an additional insulating layer.

However, if you are thinking of installing a new door, you may want to add a storm door to both protect your new door and provide an extra layer of insulation against the elements.

Close up of a wintery front porch with a storm door

Storm Doors

Storm doors are a great addition to your home and can be easily added when installing your new door. They are typically made of glass panels, in an aluminum or vinyl frame. Both are strong and durable materials, but vinyl doors have the added benefits of being cost-effective and excellent insulators.

During less intense seasons, storm doors are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home and can help keep your home cool in the summer. But during the harsh Toronto winter, adding a storm door will help protect your door from damage due to snow, hail, or ice, and keep it in top shape, meaning you won’t need to worry about cosmetic maintenance. By simply adding a storm door, you can even help extend the life of your door. You’ll also have an extra layer of insulation by adding a storm door to your home, which only increases energy efficiency (meaning more money in your pocket) and will ensure you and your home are prepared for the winter ahead.

But when is the best time to replace your doors? Naturally, most would assume that it’s in the warmer months of spring and summer, but you may be surprised!

Winter Replacements

Winter is actually a great time to consider installing a new front door, despite popular belief! If you’ve been thinking about getting a new door for your home as we head into winter, it’s not too late!

Contractors are typically less busy overall during the winter, so you’ll have more flexibility for when your new door can be installed, rather than the busy periods in spring and summer. Your contractor will also work to ensure that the installation is completed quickly, so you won’t lose too much heat during the process- no need to worry about your home turning into the North Pole! While you may be cold for a short while during the installation, it will definitely be worth it when your new door (or doors, if you choose to add a storm door) is up and insulating!

Choosing the Right Door For You

While this post lists the best practices and tips for finding the best door for our unpredictable Canadian winters, you’ll want to speak to an expert to decide on the perfect door style for your home and needs. Not all doors are created equally, nor are all winters! You may also want to speak to a contractor about adding a storm door to your home for added protection, and whether or not a winter install is right for you and your family.

Burano Doors offers a wide selection of energy-efficient, weather-proofed, and winter-ready doors for whatever your home needs, including storm doors. Our expert installers can provide a free quote for your new door, and will even be willing to complete a winter installation for you if you want to be prepared for the upcoming season. Contact us today to learn more about our doors and how to winter-proof your home!

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