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Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Dec 24, 2018

Choosing Window Treatments For Your Home - Burano Doors

When deciding to treat your new windows for your home, you probably would have never been able to guess how many choices you have! Choosing the most appropriate window treatment is often a home improvement challenge whether you desire a fresh, new style for a home you have lived in for years, or if you are starting fresh with a home you just moved in. While window treatments can be considered as a larger investment than other home improvement projects, your windows should always be the focal point in your home as they can make a statement all on their own. This blog will detail some options for window treatments, so read on to see which would be best suited for you.

Fabric Options
Window drapery and shades have always been one of the leading ways to decorate a window frame. This is because shades and drapery tends to be custom made and made to fit uniquely shaped windows in various parts of your home. The endless amount of fabric shades available to purchase allow for endless design options. Custom made fabrics are great to decorate trickier areas of the home, such as window seats, nooks, and banquette windows.

Using Natural Materials
One of the trendiest window treatments on the market today is the use of organic woven bamboo or matchstick shades. They are a great option for allowing diffused light to filtrate into your home, allowing you to see through to the other side, while also giving you the privacy you seek from the outside. The use of bamboo in your home can bring a warm, rustic feel to the space and is a natural mood-enhancer. Earthy shades look stunning in brightly lit rooms when paired with cooler neutral tones and tons of greenery, bringing a touch of nature into your home during the colder months of winter.

Putting A Twist On Traditional Shades
Traditional shades, also known as zebra shades, are striped and named after what they resemble– a zebra. This unique print offers a pattern similar to that of a zebra with alternating strips of sheer strips and light filtering strips, offering a plethora of benefits including UV protection, insulation, and privacy. Zebra shades are a modern alternative to plastic, flimsy horizontal blinds that would frequently bend, break, or get tangled with use. Zebra shades use the same mechanism as roller blinds and are a great option because you can get them installed in a raised manner or aligned with fabric vanes.

Smaller homes such as condos frequently have large windows and blinds play an important role in the management of heat that filtrates through from the sun. In addition to this, zebra blinds focus the attention of the home back inwards, as large windows on a high rise condo can often place the focal point outside the home. Although a view of the city is fantastic, attention can easily be brought back into the home with the use of zebra blinds.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold
While window treatments are not a necessity to ensure the window functions properly, they are often an essential when it comes to bringing a space to its full aesthetic potential. Dramatic effects can be made with the application of full-length drapery with bright, bold prints and colours that flow from the ceiling to the floor. This type of window treatment will definitely give you a dramatic visual effect and ensure your windows are the primary focal point in any room. If you desire privacy or need to block out the sun, roller shades can also be easily installed. For a layered look, you can even place the curtains that drape just over the side of the blinds to add more visual appeal.

Stick To The Basics
WIndow treatments can often add glitz and glam to the appeal of your home, but don’t overlook the impact that simplicity can carry. The best kind of artwork you can have on your walls is of nature itself. And what better way to view nature than through your own windows? With this said, use the wall your window is located on as your main focal point and frame everything else around this focal point.

These simple tricks can be implemented almost immediately and transform your home into one that is more sleek, modern, and welcoming. Your windows can serve their functional purposes by allowing natural light and air to enter your home, connecting your space to the outdoors, and also serve as a piece of art that can contribute to a spacious, warm, and truly livable environment.

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