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5 Best ROI Renovations: What Remodels Add the Most Value?

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: May 14, 2024

People planning renovations inside the kitchen

In the home remodelling industry, a return on investment (ROI) means how much a home improvement project increases your home’s value compared to the cost of the work. In this sense, some projects are more valuable than others. 

Think projects that add functionality and aesthetics to your home—kitchen remodels, bathroom upgrades, replacement windows and entry doors. The list goes on. 

Here’s where your mind should be if you’re after reaping a greater resale value for your home. Let’s dive deeper into the best ROI renovations so you can decide where to invest. 

Why Remodel Your House? 

Upgrading your home’s exterior and interior goes beyond increasing resale value—the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) highlights three ways renovations can pay you back:

  • Increased Selling Price: This is the classic ROI we often think of—the potential boost to your home’s value when you sell.
  • Enhanced Enjoyment: Renovations can significantly improve your living experience by making certain rooms or other aspects of your home more functional and enjoyable for your daily routine.
  • Preserved Property Value: Regular maintenance and updates can prevent costly repairs and ensure your home stays competitive in the market.

No matter why you’re upgrading, know the best renovations that increase home value to make informed decisions. 


Renovated kitchen with brand new appliances, counter and sink
Image Source: Canva

Average Project Cost: $31,000–$50,000 CAD.
Possible Home Improvement ROI: 75% to 100%.

Sitting on top of the best ROI home improvements for Ontario homes are kitchens. How your kitchen looks and functions affect your home’s value. Renovating offers one of the highest ROIs among major home renovation projects. Potential returns can range from 75% to 100% of your investment and can even go as high as 200%!

What to Improve 

Modern kitchens focus on functionality and aesthetics. This means getting the latest appliances and matching their style with your house is a priority. 

For a minor kitchen remodel, get high-quality smart appliances, replace faulty fixtures, update cabinet hardware, and improve lighting. For bigger remodeling projects, improve the layout and consistently choose durable materials for countertops (like quartz or granite), flooring, walls, etc.


Modern bathroom with a bathtub and wooden cabinets
Image Source: Canva

Average Project Cost: $8,000 to $20,000 CAD.
Possible ROI: 75% to 100%.

Most people want a bathroom that can relax them. Because of that, the bathroom comes second in the best ROI home improvements list after the kitchen. You can recoup up to 100% of a bathroom remodeling project costs on resale. 

What to Improve 

For small bathroom renovations, focus on your bathroom’s water fixtures, add effective lighting, and choose durable tiles. Even better, invest in some energy-efficient fixtures like low-flow toilets and LED lighting. 

If you have a bigger budget, incorporate modern designs and materials. Add natural materials, such as wood, stone, and even plants. Installing luxury upgrades like heated floors and high-quality taps and showerheads gets you a higher value.

🏡Renovation Tip: Talk to experienced contractors in your area to keep your renovations in line with current market and buyer trends.


An unfinished basement renovation
Image Source: Canva

Average Project Cost: Varies but can go for $35 to $75 CAD per square foot.
Possible ROI: 50% to 75%.

A finished basement is one of the easiest ways to increase the livable space in your home. Most homeowners doing renovations that increase home value will turn this into a multipurpose space, like a home office, gym, entertainment area, or simply an extra bedroom.

What to Improve

If you have an unfinished basement, ensure proper drainage to prevent flooding and address moisture issues before remodelling. Here are more tips on remodelling a basement:

  • Map out how you plan to use the space for plumbing and insulation.
  • Use energy-efficient insulation, LED lighting, and smart technology.
  • Add at least one egress window for an emergency exit.
  • Incorporate basement windows to add natural light and ventilation.

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Home with interior paint renovations
Image Source: Canva

Average Project Cost: $2.50 to $3.00 CAD per square foot.
Possible ROI: 105% for interior, 80% for exterior.

If you’re strapped for cash, give your home a fresh coat of paint. Doing so can dramatically improve the overall look of your home, and you can recoup the cost up to 105%.

What to Improve

Before you grab the nearest paintbrush and can of paint, assess the condition of your walls first. They’ll need to be cleaned and primed, and any wall damage should be fixed to ensure a quality finish. 

  • For exterior paint jobs, pick neutral and widely appealing colours, such as light greys, blues, and beiges. These help enhance your home’s curb appeal. 
  • For the interior, choose neutral colours that will make your living space appear larger, cleaner, and more inviting, like off-white or light grey.

Doors and Windows

House with wooden double door and sidelights
Image Source: Canva

Est. cost for doors: interior $900 to $2,600 CAD; exterior $1,200 to $9,000 CAD.
Est. cost for windows: $400 to $900 CAD per window.
Possible ROI: 50% to 75%.

Your windows and doors function more than framing a view and providing entry. They improve the energy efficiency, curb appeal, and even the comfort of your home. Even if you plan on staying put for years to come, upgrading to energy-efficient windows and high-quality doors is still considered one of the best ROI renovations.

What to Improve 

Energy-efficient windows, especially ones ENERGY STAR®–rated and with low emissivity, minimize heat loss and maintain a stable and comfortable indoor environment, which helps you save on energy bills. 

Choosing a sturdy entry door made of fibreglass or steel can also greatly enhance your home’s security and insulation. Steel doors are particularly noted for their durability and security.

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