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8 Best Door Draft Stoppers for Your Home

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Jan 20, 2021

8 Best Door Draft Stoppers For Your Home - Burano Doors

Door draft stoppers, also known as draft dodgers, draft blockers, or door snakes, have been around for as long as anyone can remember. These handy and simple devices allow for a degree of energy conservation and insulation for rooms within the house. They are designed to keep out unwanted cold air from outside during cooler seasons and they can also help to keep cool air inside the room when the weather is hot outside. Though they are not a substitute for properly weatherstripping doors (especially for external doors), they still offer added temperature regulation for rooms within the house.

Door draft stoppers are simple devices and many of them tend to look alike. However, this does not mean that all door draft stoppers will give you the same benefits. There are plenty of types of door draft stoppers on the market – from the familiar cylindrical fabric draft stopper to silicone under-door sweeps. To help you choose the best one for your home, we will show you our top picks for the best door draft stoppers available. And while we’re on this subject, we will also touch a bit on weatherstripping and how to choose the best type of door for conserving more energy.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Close-up of a draft stopper on the floor

1. DECOREALM Heavy Duty Door Draft Stopper [Fabric]

This heavy-duty door draft stopper from DECOREALM is sure to complement nearly all kinds of interior aesthetics due to its modern design. This door stopper is also made with a premium, upholstery-grade wool and polyester blend. Spanning at 36 inches, it can cover the gap for most standard doors and is weighted with ceramic beads in order to securely stay in place. To ensure ease of use, both ends of this beautiful door draft stopper have satin handles for easy carrying and hanging. It is available in exquisite colours like charcoal, chestnut, oatmeal, and pewter.

2. Jumbo Wedge Herringbone Draft Guard [Fabric]

Thanks to the unique triangular-shaped body of this door draft stopper, along with its polyester and sand filling, it can easily stay in place once you put it against a door. Due to its robust design, it can effectively help regulate the room’s temperature. Spanning at 36 inches, the Jumbo Wedge Herringbone Draft Guard can fit most standard doors.

3. Suptikes Door Draft Stopper [Under-Door Seal]

Under-door seals are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to use draft stoppers all-year-round without worrying about installing and uninstalling. This under-door seal by Suptikes spans 39 inches and can be adjusted to most door designs. The innovative adhesive strip stays strong through time and keeps this under-door draft stopper in place. Installation is so easy that it can be completed in minutes.

4. LAMINET Door Draft Stopper [Under-Door Seal]

LAMINET’s under-door draft stopper is one of the most convenient and ecological options out there. It is made of natural buckwheat shells and it is incredibly easy to install and clean. It is also available in various colours that are sure to fit your home’s aesthetic.

5. deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper [Velcro]

For anyone who likes the thickness of fabric door draft stoppers and the convenience of typical under door seals, this attached door draft stopper will surely win your heart. DeeTOOL MAN’s door draft stopper spans 36 inches and is made of durable styrofoam and luxury fabric. It can be easily attached and detached to the door using velcro and thanks to its cylindrical body, it can glide easily across nearly all kinds of surfaces.

6. MAXTID Animal Door Draft Stopper [For Kids]

If you have kids or if you’re someone who simply enjoys a playful and cute design, you will love this door draft stopper from MAXTID. It comes in three variants: giraffe, unicorn, and zebra. Don’t let the playful design fool you, it is heavy duty and highly effective at keeping the draft out, thanks to its weighted body and its standard span of 36 inches.

7. The Maine Sales Company Buckwheat Door Draft Stopper [For Dog Lovers]

Sometimes, dogs have a tendency to chew on door draft stoppers. If you are concerned about your dogs ingesting any toxic chemicals from door draft stoppers, then this product is for you. This stopper by Maine Sales Company is filled with all-natural, chemical-free buckwheat hull filling and is completely safe for man’s best friend. This door draft stopper spans 38 inches, going a bit beyond the typical measurement of door draft stoppers. Aesthetically speaking, one of the best parts about it is its canine-inspired pattern – something that avid dog lovers will go crazy for!

8. Miles Kimball Cat Door Draft Stopper [For Cat Lovers]

This fabric door draft blocker is a perfect addition to any cat lover’s home. It spans 36 inches, providing coverage for most standard doors, and features a row of beautifully coloured cats. This Miles Kimball door draft stopper is detailed on both sides and is made of 100% cotton on the outside with a cotton/polyester filling.

Miles Kimball Cat Door Draft Stopper

Weatherstripping and Energy-Efficient Doors

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you are looking for ways to conserve more energy in your home. Though choosing good draft stoppers for your interior rooms will help a great deal, this is not a standalone solution.

Door draft stoppers are not a substitute for weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is the process of effectively sealing the gaps around the door and is crucial for external doors because it does not only keep interior air in and help you save up on energy costs, but it also prevents precipitation from entering through the gaps of the door.

If you want to take the next step towards saving on energy, then energy-efficient doors are for you. Though they may look a lot like ordinary doors, there’s more to them than what meets the eye. Here at Burano Doors, our energy-efficient doors have a meticulously designed anatomy.

All of our doors are inclusive of weatherstripping upon purchase. The extremely strong fibreglass and steel construction of these doors keep them from warping, which helps a great deal because warping can allow for more drafts and precipitation to enter the frame. Our doors also have Low-E glass inserts; this modern technology helps to keep out harmful UV radiation from the sun during hot weather and also keeps your home’s heating inside during the winter.

Energy-Efficient Doors That Are Also Beautiful

Just because energy-efficient doors are designed for function, doesn’t mean they cannot have great form as well. In fact, our specialty at Burano Doors is to manufacture energy-efficient doors that can also match your desired aesthetic – whether it’s modern, minimalist, Victorian, and so on. You dream it, we make it. Our beautiful, energy-efficient, and sturdy doors are guaranteed to serve (and beautify) your home for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about our doors or if you have questions, feel free to reach out!

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