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5 Festive Front Door Christmas Decoration Ideas

Posted by: Raj Kain

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Published On: Nov 17, 2021

5 Festive Front Door Christmas Decoration Ideas - Burano Doors

As the holidays draw nearer, you may be wondering how to apply decorative elements to your home. Bells, candles, reindeer, garland, wreaths, and Christmas lights can add a touch of the festive season to your home. Along with the living room, hallways, and banisters, one of the most important parts of the home to decorate around the holidays is your front door.

Your front door will be the first thing that your loved ones and friends will see as they visit you at Christmas. Since the front door is such a large and eye-catching architectural element in any house, decorating it creates a massive impact on your home’s holiday look.

So without further ado, let’s talk about front door Christmas decorations that will add extra cheer and warmth to your abode.

Closeup of hands making a front door Christmas decoration

6 Elements of Great Front Door Christmas Decorations

Before we dive right into the ideas for front door Christmas decorations, let’s talk about the main elements of Christmas front door decor. Your decoration for the holidays may have some or all of the following in different combinations:


Most front door Christmas decorations have a wreath, double wreath, or matching wreaths on the door(s). A greenery garland can also be used on the door’s borders and stairs. Real greenery or faux greenery can be used; it’s your choice!


Ribbons can be used on wreaths to add a touch of festive colour. It’s common for wider ribbons to be used since they stand out more. The usual colours used include red, white, silver, and gold.


Nothing says Christmas quite like the ever-versatile strings of Christmas lights. These can be used to wrap around front doors as well.


Other accents can be added to the wreaths and greenery, such as Christmas balls, small bells, painted twigs, flowers, pinecones, apples, and so on. From afar, these elements add pops of colour or texture to greenery; and up close, they are fine details that guests will admire.

Potted Plants

In case you’re wondering, there are a number of species of plants that can thrive even during the winter. These include the potted blue spruce, the thread-branch cypress, brown’s yew, and more.

Choose a Theme

One of the best ways to ensure that your decor is beautiful and meaningful is to have a theme. Once you have the theme, stick to it and align all decorating efforts to it.

Now that we’ve covered these essential elements, let’s get decorating!

Front Door Christmas Decoration Examples

1. Rustic Style Using Red Bows and Pine Cones

Though this style of front door Christmas decoration truly pops with homes that already have a rustic design, it can also add a touch of traditional warmth in modern homes. Add large bright red ribbons to tie your greenery garland together and to serve as accents. Let the tails of the bow remain long for a classic look. Then, decorate your wreath and/or garlands with pine cones, bundled twigs, dried berries, dried apples, and the like.

Rustic Style front door Christmas decorations

2. Elegant Snowy Decor with Silver Bows

Ready for an elegant assemblage that celebrates the pristine beauty of winter? The magic starts with a trusty can of snow spray. Use snow spray for your wreath or greenery garlands. Then, add elegant silver gossamer bows and silver Christmas balls to complete the main look. You can also add silver-painted twigs (bunched together), white-painted dried berries, plain dried berries (for small pops of red), small silver bells, and even a few silver artificial Christmas flowers. Feel free to get creative!

Elegant snowy front door Christmas decorations

3. A Fabulous Look Using Gold and Silver Christmas Balls

Some decorators may feel like too many Christmas balls will overwhelm the look of front door Christmas decorations. However, when you use the right colours, have the right sizes, and assemble everything with care, you get a fabulous front door Christmas decoration.

For this holiday decor, make sure to focus on gold and silver Christmas balls. Find varieties of textures (e.g. glossy, matte) and different ball sizes for each colour group. Assemble these Christmas balls with care, distributing the colours along with your greenery garlands and your wreath. Lastly, add some pinecones and a few touches of snow spray. As a result, you’ll get a fabulous door for the holidays!

Front door decorations using silver and gold Christmas balls

4. Add Some Warmth with Lush Greenery and Golden Lights

Ready to create an inviting and classy Christmas look for your front door? This is where we use the power of lush greenery, red bows, and inviting Christmas lights. By combining these decorative elements, your front door will stand out from the wintery atmosphere as an oasis of warmth.

The trick to making this work: have lots of greenery garlands. The greenery doesn’t even need to be arranged too tightly. Instead, allow it to fluff out a bit to create a natural look. Then, use a large red bow or two for your wreath and carefully weave in the golden Christmas lights. Add some pinecones, dried berries, and wooden birds to your wreath to complete the look.

Front door Christmas decoration with lights and garlands

5. Go Above and Beyond!

Bored with just wreaths and garlands? Go a little overboard and add a small outdoor Christmas tree to complete your front door holiday decor!

When using this full ensemble, use neutral colours like silver and gold for the wreath, garlands, and the outdoor Christmas tree. For the wreath and garlands, you can add small accents that match the front door. Complete the holiday front door look with warm golden lights to get an extra “Christmas-ey” front door that is balanced and beautiful.

Front door Christmas decorations with a Christmas tree

Spruce Up Your Front Door For the Holidays

Great front door Christmas decorations start with an awesome, weatherproofed front door.

If your front door is in need of a little holiday-inspired sprucing up then why not upgrade with a fresh, chic, energy-saving front door from Burano Doors? We design, manufacture, and customize front doors that have practical and aesthetic benefits. They’re stylish, low-maintenance, secure, durable, and energy-efficient – perfect for those cold winter days and nights.

Feel free to check out our collection and if you have any questions for us don’t hesitate to reach out!

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