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December 13th 2019

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Top Toronto Door Styles?

Many homeowners see their property as an extension of themselves. They like to infuse every inch of it with personal charm and style, sparing no detail to ensure that everything is just right. One of the most important aspects of a home – the one that everyone wants to ensure is perfect – is the door. Or, to be more specific, the doors of the home in general. While the front door undoubtedly catches the most attention, interior doors can make just as much of a statement. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top five styles of doors in Toronto and the pros and cons of each of them.

Traditional Doors

The traditional wood front door is a timeless design that works in just about any home. And while some might think of the word “traditional” and equate it to “boring”, the truth is that wood doors can be beautifully customized and possess an incredible amount of beauty. You can even have the door carved and ornamented to suit your specific tastes, perhaps with details that bright out the wood’s grain and really help it shine. And if you’d like to change the colour or overall “feel” of the door, that’s no problem at all – it’s fairly easy to stain or paint a traditional wood door to match just about any aesthetic.

Along with the pros, of course, comes a set of cons. Wood doors are not a “hang and forget” kind of door. They require plenty of upkeep and maintenance to ensure that they stay looking their absolute best. This includes resealing the door at least once every few years and reapplying stain and paint as needed. Something else to keep in mind is that wood doors also tend to sag over time. This is a consequence of their material, and there’s not much you can do to prevent this entirely. Still, wood doors last for many, many years and provide a solid, customizable finish to any home.

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Contemporary Doors

Contemporary style doors differ from traditional doors in a few different ways. First of all, the lines and colours tend to be a bit sleeker and more minimalistic in contemporary doors – but that doesn’t mean that the style is boring. On the contrary, this kind of door can be infused with an incredible amount of personality. One particularly popular trend is the inclusion of glass directly in the front door of a home. These designs are beautiful and can be truly customized.

With the beauty of a contemporary door, especially one that contains glass, comes a few downfalls. While glass is absolutely beautiful and allows plenty of light to stream in through your doors, it’s not the hardiest of materials and might be more prone to shattering than other styles on this list. Additionally, keep in mind that the more glass you use, the more potential privacy issues you might be inviting in. Make sure to seal the glass on your front door with some kind of privacy film to keep you and your loved ones safe and secure.

Sliding Barn Doors

This popular interior door style is an eye-catching one that truly makes a statement. In fact, the past decade has seen an increasing love for this kind of door, and they’ve found their way in homes of just about every design. Even modern aesthetics have been subjected to the barn door. And that’s one of the beautiful things about this style – it’s distinctive but can be dressed up or down to suit your specific aesthetic wants and needs.

The main issue with sliding barn doors is that they don’t actually close. Traditional doors fit a specific opening, closing the room off to the sights and sounds of the rest of the house. Sliding barn doors in Toronto don’t do this. Instead, they simply glide in place over an opening and hang stationary. This leaves the room open to the sounds of the rest of the house and vice versa. It’s not the best choice for rowdy families.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are making a comeback! From highly contemporary designs to options that are a bit more rustic and boho, pocket doors are a fun way to divide rooms. They’re especially useful if you want to add a surprise pop of colour or design to an area before tucking it safely away again. And because they fit neatly into a little pocket, they work in just about any home.

The pocket door is not the easiest and most reliable door to use, if we’re being honest. More traditional doors open easily using a handle and some inertia, but pocket doors are prone to sticking in their tracks or popping off of them every now and then. And much like the barn door mentioned above, pocket doors in Toronto don’t always close as tightly as other styles.

French Doors

French doors have always had a certain following, but they’ve truly come back into style over the past decade or two. Today, it’s not unusual to find a set in homes of any size. These versatile doors can typically open either way, be that inward or outward, as needed to fit the family and home in question. They also create an elegant picture, with the glass panels and beautiful wood making quite the statement.

Because of their diversity, French doors require a bit more space than traditional doors in Toronto. You might find yourself struggling to keep the space around them clear enough to fully open the doors, in other words, and they’re a fairly complicated door to install. They also aren’t energy efficient, which certainly something to keep in mind if you’re hoping to keep your home as green and low energy as possible.

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