3 Door Styles Perfect For Indoor/Outdoor Spaces
June 27th 2019

3 Door Styles Perfect For Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Now that June is here, summer is officially underway and homeowners, businesses and organizations alike have begun renovations to beautify their spaces!

With late nights, bright sunshine and lush greenery everywhere, people are increasingly investing in transitional spaces between the comforts of walled homes and the airy outdoors. When Canadians only get a few months of summer every year, why not maximize them to enjoy as many bonfires, barbeques and reading sessions on the deck as possible?

Here at Burano Doors, we have 3 dreamy door styles that are ideal for seamlessly tying outdoor and indoor spaces together. If you’re looking for the perfect replacement door in Toronto, we’ve got you covered.

 A home with a brand new sliding garden patio replacement door in Toronto

Design Doors

Although “design” doors aren’t typically used for backyards or patios– why not use them anyways? These doors are usually made with the same dimensions as standard entry doors, but with additional design features setting them apart from other doors.

Here at Burano, our doors are inspired by our Italian heritage. Our products reflect the chic, minimal and modern shapes that European design is often recognized for. Our Design doors are perfect for modern homes or spaces with tight corners and limited square footage. While the size of the door itself isn’t comparable to patio doors, our design doors can feature gorgeous glass panelling to still let light into your home.

Design doors are customizable with multiple glass styles (including lounge, transit and diamond) and colours. Personalize your doors to match your home’s aesthetic and create the perfect indoor/outdoor space!

 A home with featuring a backyard design replacement door in Toronto

Sliding Patio Doors

Patio doors are the most common choice for spaces leading outdoors. Patio doors are wide, allowing fresh air into your home and provide easy access to your garden, patio or backyard! There’s a number of styles from which you can select your sliding patio door, including opus sliding doors and gliding french doors.

Here at Burano, our most popular product is our french gliding doors. We offer the beauty and classic appeal of traditional french swing doors but with the additional benefits of durability and functionality. Our doors are developed with interior glazing and constructed with a PVC sash making it highly resistant to outdoor elements.
If you’re looking for additional security, our french doors also feature double-point locking mechanisms and steel reinforced vertical stiles. You can select from brushed nickel, brass, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and more handle finishes to match the existing finishes in your home!

With patio doors, you can enjoy panoramic views of the great outdoors while maximizing natural light within your home. All of our doors are constructed with the highest quality hardware and materials, including energy efficient energy star glass. We exclusively offer energy star products to ensure our clients maximize energy savings while investing in replacement doors and windows with incredible quality.

Storm Doors

Storm doors, also known as screen doors are typically thin in build but extremely durable– hence the term “storm” in its name. Storm doors are installed immediately in front of entry doors, and serve a specific purpose to shield homes from outside elements.

Storm doors were originally created for functional purposes rather than beauty. As a result, some people are hesitant to purchase and install a storm replacement door in Toronto. However, our team here at Burano Doors has developed products that combine both beauty and functionality–there’s no reason one can’t exist without the other!
We’ve designed many of our storm doors to showcase full glass panelling, so you can have all the benefits of storm door security while your entry door remains visible. Storm doors are ideal For individuals or families with young children and/or pets, storm doors can enable you and your loved ones to observe the great outdoors from the comforts of your home.

On top of the perks mentioned previously, storm doors act as a barrier to your entry door, saving on long-term maintenance costs. Although storm doors may seem like an additional or unnecessary cost initially, they’re actually quite cost-effective! This style of door will keep your entry door in Toronto (and ultimately your home) safe from unpredictable and weather, and extend your entry door’s life as a result!

Additionally, maximizing energy efficiency through air leak prevention and insulation, storm doors with full glass panels also maximize light entering your home. At Burano doors, we offer energy star products that have been certified by the Canadian Standards Association and laboratory tested to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Here at Burano doors, we offer all of our clients the flexibility to customize storm doors suited to your personal preferences and needs. Our storm doors come with a wide variety of colours, finishes and styles. You can choose from oil-rubbed bronze, silver, or brass lever handles that all come with a matching door sweep. Ultimately, if you go with the right manufacturer, storm doors will definitely add security, functionality and beauty to your home!

If you’re looking to transform your home this summer, contact Burano doors to assist you through the process! Our incredible selection of windows and doors can elevate your home’s aesthetic, security, and even energy savings. You’ll be ready to host family and friends for summer nights in no time!

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