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10 Steps for Repairing A Screen Door

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Published On: May 06, 2021

10 Steps For Repairing A Screen Door - Burano Doors

Even if many homes in Canada have upgraded to sturdy and energy-efficient storm doors there are still some property owners that prefer screen doors or hold back from doing the switch.A type of exterior door installed on top of an entrance door, its frame is typically made of wood, vinyl, and aluminum paired with mesh. Although they do not offer much protection from harsh weather like storm doors, screen doors are a great way to open up your home during the warmer season and keep the bugs away while also allowing natural light and ventilation to come in.

Ideally, screen doors can last for several years, but because of everyday use and constant exposure to the sun and rain, they are prone to get damaged. If you’re looking for ways to fix your screen door, this screen door repair blog might come in handy.

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DIY Screen Door Repair

The mesh is the most vulnerable part of the screen door. It can get torn or worn out due to blunt trauma from accidents or everyday use and abuse. This is why typical screen door repairs involve replacing or patching up this area. If you’re having the same issue with your screen door, follow this DIY screen door repair guide inspired by Popular Mechanics


  • Door spline – It’s the PVC vinyl strip on the groove of the door frame that holds the screen in place. Make sure you have the correct size and diameter. You can reuse an old door spline unless it’s already broken.
  • Screen mesh Fibreglass and aluminum are the top choices for screen door materials. Vinyl-coated fibreglass screens are the industry standard when it comes to screen doors because they are durable, easy to operate, and cost-effective. Aluminum is more durable but can be quite expensive compared to fibreglass.
  • On The House recommends considering your location, the size and type of insects common to your area, and aesthetic preferences when deciding on what type of material you want to use for your screen door repair project.

DIY Screen Door Repair - Burano Doors


  1. Remove the screen door from the door frame and set it down on a clean surface where you can work comfortably.
  2. Take out the old spline from the screen door’s groove by popping it out using a screwdriver and pulling it out from all sides.
  3. Unscrew hardware like doorknobs handles, or locks on the screen door that can get in the way of the process.
  4. Wipe the screen door clean, focusing particularly on the grooves for the door spline. Inspect for any serious damages that may require a screen door replacement.
  5. If everything checks out well, roll out the mesh on top of the part that should be screened.
  6. Cut the mesh. Make at least a 1-inch allowance on all sides.
  7. Attach the new door spline by pressing it into the groove using a spline tool. Make sure to stretch the screen while doing this to avoid any wrinkles, as you set the spline in place for all sides.
  8. Trim excess mesh from the screen door using a sharp utility knife. Cut at a 45-degree angle, being careful not to cut into the spline.
  9. Screw the handle and other door hardware back into place.
  10. And that’s it!You can now reinstall your screen door back.

Other Minor Screen Door Repairs

Small holes and tears in your screen door can simply be mended by patching them up. There are aluminum patches sold in the market that are ready to be threaded into your aluminum screen and reinforced with silicone glue. Fibreglass screen doors can be repaired with fibreglass patches that come with adhesives.

Pro tip:When cutting mesh patches for screen door repair, create a regular shape like a square or rectangle to make the patchwork less obvious. In addition, there are also DIY screen door repair techniques that involve sewing, darning, or applying nail polish. However, these methods, though relatively cheaper, may not produce the same aesthetically pleasing results.

Upgrade to Burano’s Energy-Efficient Storm Door!

There are some cases where the damage to your screen door is beyond repair. These include rusting or corrosion due to extensive water damage. When this happens, it could be time for a new door.

Complementing your front door with a storm door is an effective strategy to shelter your home from extreme weather. For instance, the scorching heat from the sun in the summer, harsh winter cold, and possible water damage when it rains or snows. It also adds an extra layer of security to protect your loved ones and properties.Improve your home’s energy efficiency and insulation, keeping your energy bills to a minimum even with frequent use of cooling or heating.

Burano Doors is a trusted manufacturer of reliable and stylish doors and windows We have an extensive collection of high-quality exterior doors Our energy-efficient storms doors feature:

  • Aluminum reinforcements to provide enhanced stability and security.
  • Fusion-welded, 45-degree corners, with mechanically fastened 90-degree aluminum angle brackets for additional strength.
  • Pre-hung frame made from high-grade aluminum for simple installation.
  • Easily customizable with either a brass, silver, or oil-rubbed bronze elite lever handle plus matching door sweep.
  • Durable royal bond paint finish, available in standard paint finishes.
  • Colour and finish can be customized upon request.

Instead of wasting time on DIY screen door repair now and then,
why not enhance your home’s curb appeal with a shiny, new storm door that’s built to last.

Whether you’re swapping out your old screen door or need a new storm door replacement, Burano Doors can help you.Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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